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Gorgeous, Stylish... and A Good Samaritan?

    I am awfully knackered this morning after having a blast weekend in the capital, celebrating my birthday. This year has been a great b'day in fact coz I got to celebrate with awesome people in my life - my family & a best friend. (more about that in my next post)

    But life goes on, come today it's another cycle of work week again. Surprisingly I'm not in the Monday blues, maybe due to the fact that the blissful b'day factor still lingers. And today I'm quite in good mood - especially when I got to wear my new trousers from Jil Sander. Well, not really Jil Sander's 'Jil Sander' brand, instead it's the Jil Sander for Uniqlo or the +J. It is the best work trousers I've ever had tried so far, and I'm direly ecstatic about it. It fits my leg like a glove, literally, coz it's slim tapered and hugs the legs handsomely. To go with it is the +J white slim shirt that I got during its debut collection back in 2009 and my 'overly-worn' cropped sleeve blazer from SubZero. The shoes is my Hugo Boss zipper boots, since it's the one that gives the 'slimming effect' to the whole ensemble.

    Basically I love my look today - black n white, slim chic and simple. So, while I was excited to go to the office, as I opened the gate to leave the house suddenly I saw a nyonya crying for help right in front of the house. I'm so surprised to see her fell into the monsoon drain, with her sitting between the spaces of the low-rised channel. She couldn't get up coz her plus-sized body unfortunately doesn't permit her to do that. Without thinking much, I rushed towards her and grab both of her hands trying to lift her up.

    But it doesn't work, coz the nyonya couldn't lift herself up as well due to her heavier weight. What it I do then? Without hesitant - disregard that I'm in my very clean, looking hot top-to-toe outfit and not thinking it might dirty my shirt - I lift her by the back, clutching my arms through her armpit and lifted her. Mujur la aku ni kuat (thanks to my weight-lifting workout), I successfully grab her out to sit by the side of the pavement. Pheww.. And thankfully she's okay, only some minor scratches due to her slip into the drain.

    I asked her what made she fell? She replied that she was trying to pluck the mango on the nearby tree when she slipped her foot inside. Owh, okay. Early in the morning? Hmmm. But whatever it is, I'm glad I was there to help and she couldn't be more thankful than that. (She keep uttering something, which I think is 'terima kasih' but in Chinese slang! Wo pu'cetau la nyonya).

    Anyway, what a start of a post-birthday Monday. Gorgeous, stylish... and a good Samaritan? Well, that's me! (ayat masuk bakul...*sila lempang di sini* lol)

    My slim-tapered +J wool/polyester trousers + the shoe of the day, Hugo Boss boots 
    (you know that's a overly-worn boots when the tip start to 'crumble'!)