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I'm in Shock!

    When I told my mates that I'm gonna have a bigfat birthday celebration again this year, I summoned them not to send me any present. Why? Coz it'll end up being a white elephant since most of the present that people gave I never used 'em. Or in other words, they're not my taste.. erkkss! So, what I did this year is asking them to send me money instead... or at least shopping vouchers (that include the one I asked Angie!), coz I definitely can buy things that I like. It's much more worth it. Or better yet, I told them to pay the thing that I bought - provided that it's within their budget limitation. Am I cruel or what, ahaks!

    So, last week a parcel arrived. I'm in total shock. Shock #1 - it's from London. Shock #2 - there's a box within a box, and that second box is a golden present box tied nicely and came with a birthday card. Shock #3 - it IS a Shock. The ck One Shock! What better way to start the fleet of my presents with this one, huh?

    One word, absolutely liking it! (oh, it's three words..ngg). The all-black bottle scribbled with the trailing neon green 'SHOCK' word is a true attention-grabber. Very masculine, very dark chic and very edgy packaging. I've been eyeing this ck One Shock for quite some time ever since its released recently but haven't found it anywhere here in Malaysia. Probably it hasn't been released yet in this country, or I haven't search hard enough. But when I got the chance to get it online, I didn't wait long - especially when someone's willing to pay for it (ehem...). 

    So, what's my verdict on the smell? As it says on the bottle : shock! This is unlike the typical unisex scent of the famous ck One. It's more like a cross between the original ck One and Calvin Klein Man; hence giving its special appeal as it is made just for men (there's another One Shock  for the ladies, btw). The first spritz gives off that citrusy smell which is a typical Scorpion much-loved scent, yet quite energetic and pungent. Then it finishes off with a trail of sweet smell of tobacco, which is quirkily alluring in a way. No, not the tobacco as in tobacco that your dad put in his cigar - but a subtle aromatic and deep oriental mix, since there's a hint of spices and woody appeal in its formula (black pepper, black basil, musk, patchoulli and ambrene wood). Very nice smell, yet I won't wear it during the daytime coz perspiration during the hot day would kill the scent-sation. It's much better during the evening, just the right mood to bring out its sexy spiceness!

    Love this gift, definitely. Shocking... but a good, nice shock. :)

    there's a hair & body wash too. awesome!

    I even love the packaging box. black, white and neon green. what more shocking could I ask for?!

    after three Man, plenty of Free spirits.... now I'm ready to move on for Shock!

    Mentioning the present box, who can say no to this pretty neat golden box? So chic and cool
    ... especially there's a cute b'day card came with it! :)