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Kelate Goes Upmarket: Are You Kidding Me?

    Ok, this post is probably not a fashion talk, but I think it's part of the 'gadget' which is what I love as well.

    It's either I wanna LOL so bad, or to scream 'are you kidding me!?' so loud - I just don't know which one's which. Probably both. Looking at the names of the cars by two of the big players in the automobile industry, it's just so frickin' funny. Funny but proud at the same time. I think those people have spent some time in Kelantan I guess, coz they seem to play homage to the Kelate language too...

    The first one is a crossover concept car by Maserati called Kubang. Seriously? Kubang in Bahasa Malaysia translated to 'wallow', the place where animals lie or roll in water, mud or the like for the sake of refreshing themselves. And 'wallow' also means to live self-indulgently or luxuriate... which make sense for the brand name: Maserati Kubang = Maserati Luxury. Not too bad, huh? But when you take the word kubang into Kelantanese slang (pronounced as kkube, or kkubang in Terengganu slang), it means semak, tidak kemas, keadaan tak terurus which normally being associated to the conditions like the messiness of a room, etc. Therefore, the name Maserati Kubang will then means Maserati Messy? Wahahahaha! 

    Nonetheless, the car is absolutely to die for... and I don't mind if someone will make fun of it saying kkube instead!

    Maserati Kubang crossover

    The other one is even funnier. It's Citroen Tubik. Wahahahahaha! Tubik in Kelantan means 'exit' or get out from something. How on earth do they get the name, huh? Is it because the door of this concept van is soooo humungous, that it made easier for everyone to 'get out' of the vehicle that's why they call it Tubik? In other words, this van is sangat sene nok tubik la gamaknya!! Hmmm..... (scratching my head).

    Anyhow, any anak Kelate should be proud of these coz your slang goes upmarket y'all!!

    Citroen Tubik Concept

    Anyway, if in Paris you can find the word 'Sortie' to show the exit door, in Kelantan you can even found 'tubik'! Very the kelakar!!

    * On the same note, rumor has it that the word 'Siri' as in iPhone 4S new features is said to means 'butt' in Japanese. So, when you want the 'Siri' reminds you of something, does it it mean you're asking your 'butt' to do it for you? Hmmm.... (LOL, sorry Apple!)

    [pix from various sources]