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Kopiah = Skull Cap

    Last year my big brother went to Hajj and bought some goodies from the Forbidden City. Among all the stuff that he brought home, from the raisins and figs, apricot and zam zam, to tasbih beads and even the Arabian basmati rice; my heart went to the two Ks. Not, not Kim Kardashian, silly... but the kohl and the kopiah. My heart truly drops when I saw the kopiah coz it's a knitted and stretchy with black and white horizontal stripes. Simple, but it screams very me. In fact my sis in-law also claimed the same thing 'I know you like it, coz you like black and white!'. Ditto... nothing more I can say.

    Talk about kopiah, how would you wear it? I still remember when I was a little kid, I like to wear it half-way over and let the front hair get free. Kind of let the jambul nampak la sket... (macam la jambul ada sangat, kann??). I dunno what's about it, but I think it looks cool. In fact, I still do wear like it at times nowadays, especially with this black and white kopiah. And it stays on the head without falling over coz of its stretchy fabric. The time when i love putting it on is when I don't bother do my hair.... so I let the kopiah save my 'messy' look!

    I used to think that only Malays do these kind of things, but when I went to London Regent mosque I also saw the Kazakhs and the Uzbeks do the same...proving that there're people on the other part of the world also wear like me (or us)! And when I reminisced the old times living over there, during autumn and winter I wore the skull cap in the similar manner - by half-way over the head, and letting free the jambul. So, I think it's pretty safe to say that my kopiah is now 'officially' my skull cap too? Hmmm... cool thinking, huh?

    Oh, mentioning kohl, I think it gave me some seducing power. The last time I put it on my eyes is when I went to buy my Samsung LED TV. I think the salesgirl got charmed by my look, tergoda kot akak tu... coz she gave me the RM300-worth of DVD for free! No questions asked, isn't that brilliant? I think I should wear it quite often then.... to get freebies or discount. Ahaks! ;)

    the LBT (little black tee) - Gap ; chrono watch - the Fullblooded Skull by Swatch