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Lord of the Rings

    Once upon a time, I was given a ring by my sister a couple of months after my dad's passing (which is about many, many, many years ago btw). She said to me that the ring is one of its kind - it's gem is called the Serpent's stone or geliga ular in Malay. Legend has it that the person who sold it to my dad got the gem from inside of a snake, which is quite mystical I think. The gem is divided into two halves, that both ornated onto two separate rings. One rings is the one inherted to me, and the other is kept by my mum's cousin. My sister dearly asked me to keep it safe, not to let it fell into my mum's cousin's hands coz they possess some kind of 'magical' power. What power? I asked her. She further mentioned to me that if anyone wears it on both hands, he or she will be immuned from the venomous bite should he/she is being fanged by the snake. And what's more, he/she will not be bitten by the snakes at all!

    Whoa... how mystical was that, huh? To be honest, I'm not really into these kind of supernatural things but it made things look so cool. When I took a look at the ring, it's not any kind of fancy ring at all. It's hideous. Looks more to orang tua punya rings. And it doesn't fit my finger either coz that time I was still a teenager. So, what I did is just kept it safe into one of my bags.

    And you know what, I've lost the ring. I dunno where it went and I'm totally lost it. Either someone nix it from my possession, or it really lost with time - I've just lost the ring. Period. But I still think that I am immune from any snake bites - as long as the snake is ular daun or python!

    Anyway, mystical or mythical - I just don't like wearing rings. There is one time I used to wear the sterling silver rings which I got quite cheap from Cameron Highland. It looks quite cool, but whenever I met somebody new, they will ask me are you married?. Why? Coz the ring looks like a platinum wedding band. Errks, what a major partner-rejector I guess...! Not to mention, wearing cheap sterling silver rings left some kind of dirty mark circling around my fingers which is hideous. And itchy too. So, it been years I haven't put a ring on me ever since! (cue Beyonce's Put a Ring on It, lol!)

    Yet, a couple of years back I suddenly got a new craze of wearing rings again though not on a daily basis. Just casually. All thanks to Topman by which I found the wing rings during my snooping around at their Oxford Circus store in London. What's special about it is the elasticated band which is brilliant coz it suits any finger size. They got both colors - golden brass and silver - so I get them both (with discount of course!)

    The other ring which is also interesting is the one by Asos, in a shape of a leaves ornamented by faux diamonds. Got it quite cheap, and it looks fierce in any fingers.

    Talking about rings, suddenly reminds me of the famous trilogy : The Lord of the Rings. I dunno how many times I've watched the movies, coz I just love the epic fantasy adventure story like that. The story of magic, sorcerers, elves, etc...etc.. it's just a great trilogy. Not to mention the most iconic phrase : my precious!!! And the elves' language - that sounds like you just wanna spit your phlegm.. khukhukhaahhwaaaptuii... lol.

    You know what, I think I just got an idea to write my own Lord of the Ring trilogy. How? Let's see. Here we go...

    *** The Lord of the Ring : The Fellowship of the Ring ***

    Story about a low-maintenance guy who lived in a city called Ipoh (not Iphone, not Ipod, but Ipoh) who happen to fly to a far, far away land called Stóru Reykja - translation: The Big Smoke aka London (get it?). At the new place things changed when he got the rings from some'cave' called Topman and Asos... suddenly he turned into a high-maintenance, shopaholic, trendspotting, fashion addicted bloke which is quite phenomenal (kena la puji diri sendiri, ye tak?).

    The rings cannot be separated from him. Whenever he put 'em on... there would be some magical power happen on him : the couture power! 

    *** The Lord of the Ring : The Two Towers ***

    The guy went to a land called Bologna to fight in the war (actually to present conference paper, ahaks!). And there, he saw the Due Torri - Italian for the two towers - located at the heart of the city. So amazing coz the rustic building still standing strong.

    But when he return to his own country, he saw another Two Towers or better known as KLCC. This place is magical to him, coz it's where he always go for meetings with other 'elves'. Not to mention, the place where his 'servants' present their projects there.... (kena evaluate presentation, huhu!)

    And at the foot of this Two Towers is another magic happen. The place is called Suria, so magical that his credit card balance always depleting. Swipe, swipe, swipe... coz he loved shopping for new 'crowns' there. :)

    *** The Lord of the Ring : The Return of the King ***

    This is to say, I'm back! Though at first I decided to take a month-long break from blogging, it seems that it'll make other people also go nuts. They can't live without me. They can't start their daily life without reading this blog (perasan bagus la plak, ahaks!!!). Though I am quite nuts myself with my crazy schedule and everything that's previously happening to me, I think there's no harm to write again.... The king of blogging and king of shopaholic has returned, people!

    abis toto mak aku, tau...

    Though at the same time, the King is buried in his lair (home office) to settle all kind of task that's dragging his life around. Lots of responsibilities, lots of works, lots of reports to be written... But, once in a while it's okay to blog, don't you think? And for you to read things like this utter rubbishnes, don't you just love it? Muahahahaha (evil King's laugh!)

    Btw, do you know that Zamri's Big Fat Blog is currently on #4 world's best fashion & style blog? Pretty amazing, huh? All I can say... you're welcome, boo! :)