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Masjid India. Batik Malaysia

    The previous weekend, a continuation after attending my cousin's graduation ceremony and going to the Big Bad Wolf booksale event; me and my entourage (that's my nephews and nieces, to be exact) went to the heart of KL to jalan-jalan. It was quite late in the evening, in fact it was already almost Maghrib when we arrived to the Central Market. Actually it was my niece, Hanis, who asked me to drive there coz she wanted to go to the Jalan Masjid India to find some hijabs. She said there's a lot of choices around, as what she was informed by her friends at UniMap. I said, okay fine... let's we all go there. Actually it was a last minute plan, coz we're all supposed to return home as all of our family members wanted to have a makan-makan gathering at Putrajaya. But being me who is always a spontaneous person, I'm always up for anything - especially shopping!

    I was quite excited to go too coz...erm, I actually never been to Jalan Masjid India, which is famous for its street market day and night. And to be honest too, I've never even been to Masjid Jamek which is just around the corner from Central Market. Pity me for being too ignorance of my own capital city. But Petaling Street... aha, that's different coz I've been there quite a couple of times before since it was so famous with the tourist! (though in reality, the roads are all very close nearby).

    Anyway. Talking about Jalan Masjid India, I am so surprised to see many, many, many stalls lining up the pavement, by which a permanent roof has been built to allow the visitors walk in ease comes rain or shine. And of course, there're many people shopping around as well, especially that day which is a weekend. For the locals, they should've known that there're many things sold at that street market - from the hijabs, to the makeups stuff, accessories like brooch, bags, wallets, etc...etc. You just name it. Though at first I said to my kids (my kids? rasa cam tua la plak!) we should be there only for just half an hour; but with a lot of stalls to visit we end up spending almost one hour and a half! And Hanis, though she's the one who's insisted to go there in the first place; didn't find any hijab coz unfortunately the sizes are too big for her. Hmmm... banyak la sangat kau punya choices yer? Maybe next time she should go to Jalan TAR instead.

    On the way back, while we're leaving the place I suddenly spotted a stall selling batik and pelikat sarongs. I was totally gobsmacked and utterly speechless coz the fabrics on display are absolutely stunning! Though most of the batiks are actually for the ladies, I am somehow becoming like a kid in a chocolate factory - so enchanted with the beauty of the art and craftsmanship of the batik paintings. I am a big fan of Malaysian art, that's why it's my weakness when I came across with anything artsy like that. I took a look at the sarongs one by one that's hanging alongside the wall. I asked the salesguy, from where does those batik are from and he replied, Terengganu. No wonder they're beautiful.

    When I asked him about the price of each, I was expecting the answer would be more than a hundred ringgit. But when he uttered 'RM 20' - I was absolutely ecstatic! RM 20? Are you kidding me? For the beautiful batik painting like that? A big OMG! I told my nieces, there's no way I'm gonna leave Jalan Masjid India without taking those home.

    And I did. I took one home - the batik sarong in purple with the golden-outlined floral motifs. It was the most attention-grabber compared to the others hanging there. (The others are actually equally stunning, by which I'm gonna get them all when I visited Jalan Masjid India again, soon!). When my niece asked me, are you gonna wear it coz it's for the ladies?

    I said, No. It's for the wall art

    With that kind of batik design - which is quite out there  compared to the batik sarongs seen on my mum and my sisters - it is too beautiful to be worn on somebody. This one deserves to be displayed as a wall art!

    Oh, btw. All of us missed out to go for makan-makan coz it's already too late. We end up having our dinner at Nando's in Mid Valley Megamall. A spontaneous decision by me, again. Upon taking order, I told my other niece, Atiqah, "Tikah, waiter tu muka dia macam penyanyi Shinee!". "Yang mana satu? Taemin?" "Ha ah, yer kot tu nama dia..." And then we all gelak!

    Balik2 jer kat rumah, semua org terbongkang penat....

    I'm doing the impression of what the fishermen wear in the East Coast....but hi-fashion style, ahaks!