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Monday Blues : How to Rock Blue Shirts

    Mr. Porter says that a guy need at least six pairs of blue shirts in their wardrobe. Six? What's the rational of having six pairs... I don't really know. But having quite a number of blue shirts seems to make sense in the working world since blue is normally being perceived as the color of importance and confidence without being somber or sinister. It also evokes wisdom, intelligence, stability, unity, and conservatism: suit the nature of the business environment that one makes a life out of it.

    Blue is also the easiest and most fav color when it comes to being masculine. I think that's why when a baby boy was born, the parents tend to decorate their home nursery in the color blue - to suit the nature of the gender. (what happen to him after that when he grow up, that is a different story..ahaks!). So, how to wear a blue shirt? With so many shades of blue in the color wheel, there are plenty of styles you can rock it to make you appear much presentable. I love wearing blue on Monday - just to give an ironic and cheeky message to the viewing public on the statement 'Monday Blues'. Sometimes, I also like pairing it with a white or light-colored jeans to bring in some nautical feel. Or, to the office there's nothing more classic looking than wearing a blue shirt with a black trousers, or with a pinstripes pants to give an oomph factor to the whole ensemble. Other color I love to combine is blue shirt + camel chinos for a spicy appeal, and blue shirt + green jeans to give a subtle color-blocking look.

    These are some of the ways to wear blue shirts according to the advertorial in Mr. Porter. Either formal or casual, there's always something to take inspiration from...

    [pix from mr porter]