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Oil-Slick Dr. Martens at Selfridges

    If you do remember one of my posts about Paris trip two years ago, then you might stumbled upon the Gucci boots that I saw at their window display. [click!]. The very towering high lace-up leather boots in a color that is very catchy indeed - Petrol blue, with a little hues of yellow and a bit of purple. Love at first sight, I do admit it looks quite nice on the window display. But when i got the chance to try 'em on in Harrods during the Summer Sale 2010, I was suddenly had a second thought about it coz up close and personal upon properly holding it in my hands, I think the boots is just a seasonal item. Can never seen its longevity in my wardrobe. That's why I put 'em back on the shelf, though the slashed price is really tempting me without a doubt.

    Fast forward to 2011, it seems that Doc Martens try to follow suit by releasing their reworked shoes as part of the Modern Classics collection. Two of their iconic pieces - the Lex lace-up shoes and the Langston boots - have been given a blend the brand's heritage with a unique, multicoloured patent leather finish. From the pix, they look kinda oil-slick luring you to get your hands on them instantly. Very cool. Even much cooler than what Gucci did.

    Yet, there's a catch: the shoes are available only at Selridges. (Well, at least that's what the high-end department store claimed anyway...)

    *UPDATE: It's also sold at

    [pix from selfridges]