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River Viiperi for Versace x H&M

    Versace for H&M collection gonna hit the store across the globe on the November 19th (mark your calendar, it's Saturday!). From the sneak peek by Donatella herself who wore the dress during the Versace show in Milan a couple of months back, to the editorials in Vogue Russia and some other websites - there seem to be a buildup of images coming right before our eyes. What's my verdict? Nothing much to say, other than it's very typical Versace. From the motifs of Greek geometric designs, to the eponymous golden Versace floral and animal prints, you can actually predict it is somehow what the Italian fashion powerhouse is really famous for.

    As for the menswear, though the first array of images show a black tux worn by the male model during its initial promo looks quite acceptably cool and understated, it seems that the next few images which came across the press has been a bit... underwhelming. Seriously, a pink suit from top to toe? Just tell me how many blokes really dare to turn into a human version of Pink Panther? Or the bomber jacket with mixed Versace prints that looks quite tacky and distracting to the eyes - I dunno who on earth would want to buy such a look? That two images so far is quite worrying to me, afraid that it won't be a sell out just like Matthew Williamson's collection a couple of years ago.

    The only ensemble which I think is okay to look at, without piercing my eyes too severely, is this one worn by River Viiperi in the latest promo shot. The leather jacket with padded sleeves and studded lapels bearing the Versace Greek geometric motifs , which I think could be a massive 'I WANT THOSE!!' during its debut next month. I can just feel how buttery soft the material is. Not to mention its symmetrical design and how edgy it looks. Paired with the multi-strap buttery soft leather hi-top sneakers - could this be a winner? (not sure about the bling bling socks, though.... but the belt is drool-worthy!)

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