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Shoe of the Day

    My oh my. I'm still feeling extremely tired after last weekend spending in KL celebrating my you-know-what. If given a pillow right now, I would've doze off without I even care. My feet felt it deserve a huge break right now all because of me walking around too much probably - window shopping at KLCC (repeat: window shopping jer okay), and then roaming around at Pavilion KL and Fahrenheit 88 the next day for erm...a bigfat spending spree (abis la credit card zruss zrass!!) - it's all about walking here and there like crazy. I think I spend walking in each place maybe more than 3 hours, which I consider is too typical compared to me spending inside IKEA for almost 4 hours! (hey, banyak katil n sofa nak kena test tau, ahaks3x!). Still, I haven't updated what's happening last weekend, nor whereabout I'm staying for the night. Don't worry, I will... it's just that I need to find suitable time to wreck through all the photos to be edited. So, tungguu...!

    Anyway. Today is the first day of November. Can you believe that we're all really speeding off so damn fast through 2011 that we almost come to the end of the year? Neither can I. I'm glad I clocked in to the office very early today - at 7.30 a.m. - which I considered a success, coz usually it's always 8.00 ++ (sometimes the 'plus' is unforgivable, yikes!). Talking about November too, back in the UK the guys are celebrating the 'Movember' - by which this month lots of them will grow their 'mo' (that's short for moustache) in the effort to raise fund to support the prostate cancer awareness. Just like October, where the ladies went pink to celebrate the breast cancer awareness campaign and hence is known as Pinktober. So, guys for mo for prostate cancer, ladies went pink for breast cancer. Make sense? If you ask me which part of the body the dudes over there grow their 'mo'? That I leave it to your imagination... nggg!

    Btw, what am I wearing today? I'm in the mood for the lo-pro shoes again, and I've picked the patent leather lace-ups from Zara. Some people said it's a fashion faux pas and never a good choice to wear a patent leather shoes during the day coz the hi-sheen should only be worn for the evening. But, I say never say never (alamak Justin Bieber la plaks!) coz one rule in fashion is that - there is no rules. If you think you wanna wear it, so go for it. Who cares.

    What I like about the shoes is the less eyelets for the laces, making it much simpler to tie. And the best part, it's a gradual tone black-to-brown, which made it really stand out. Upon attending the meeting this morning, it became the center of people's talk. Cantik nyer kasut? Apa ni, Jimmy Choo? Ni mesti sebulan gaji aku ni...

    Haiyaa, I know that people here already known I wore the Choo, but apparently this one is not. It's just a highstreet shoes. Sebulan gaji? Hmmm.. if you gaji is around RM150 sebulan, then yes to that answer. Ahaks! (RM150 = £30, price during Sale).

    The good thing too, I think it's brown back heel go well together with my brown leather bag from SEED. It's that what the fashion mag here said - sedondon. Huhu... :)