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Sweet Smell of Sexcess

    I thought I have found the perfect perfume for the new rebranding of myself a couple of months ago.  It turns out that it goes beyond that. In fact, when I finally owned the Gucci Guilty fragrance on my hand, and spritz it onto my body... nothing is more magical than having a new scent to solidify the rebranding effort that I'm talking about. Prominent, seductive, sexy, and boy... do I love what does the ad campaign says about it after all. [click]

    But, stop! Suddenly I was thrown out of proportion when I found out that the Gucci Guilty has a new sibling which has just being released right after. When I looked at the bottle - the pitch black throughout - I know straightaway that it will lure me to it like a magnet to the iron. (I love black, enough said). Immediately I became infatuated to it, so enchanted by the look of the fragrance. It exudes mystery, mystique, dark, edgy, allure and seduction more than the previous Guilty. I said to myself, I have to get it no matter what. I wanna be engorged into its scent like no other. I wanna feel this new intensity.

    And then I went for a quest to search for one. I went to Sasa, nope they don't stock it. To Sephora, none in my sight. Then to Jusco, they don't have it either. In fact they doesn't know this one ever existed and insisted that Gucci Guilty is the latest. And then to Debenhams - not in the shelf, yet later the salesguy informed me it might be released into Malaysian market next year. Nice try, but I'm not convinced by the answer. This is me we're talking about. I can't wait for next year. I want it NOW!

    So, October arrives when suddenly I planted a big hope that I could get it as a present for my birthday. Is that a prayer again? Absolutely... as alas, a parcel arrived right from London and contain a seductively black box among the green polystyrene box filler with the familiar golden letters on it. It is so fantastic!

    What is more fantastic, the scent is much sexier than the previous Gucci Guilty. Still freshly fantabulous, yet more citrusy, which is a signature smell for the Scorpio. It's a pure magnetism, very alluring and yes, INTENSE. Gucci Guilty Intense.

    And by having this on the right moment for my b'day, nothing more I can say other than: what a sweet smell of sexcess!

    *oh, why do I say sexcess? read the article in Men's Health UK October issue down there. Then you'll know why...

    doesn't it feel like a Batman calling...?

    Guilty Intense has all pitch black, compared to previous Guilty i.e. a juxtapose of clear and dark.

    Men's Health UK, October 2011