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Tauke Bag Seed?

    I had a phone conversation with my niece who's studying up north the other day. She's like my own confidante, if I may say, or my gossip partner coz it's from her I can know all the dirts on what's happening around my family members. Oh, yeah.. a lot, like the TMZ online. And one of the topic we talked about recently is during which she went to my sister's house who just had her retirement and now renting in the city at East Coast.

    My niece was saying, 'Su, you have no idea how messy Aunty Aini's house is. There're boxes everywhere! Mountains of boxes up to the ceilings. I dunno how to walk to the kitchen, coz I really have to maneuver carefully. And the bags... she has lots of bags, scattered everywhere that looks like it never been properly kept. I dunno whether she really knows how to keep everything tidy!?'

    I was just lol-ed. I know my sister is like that, kinda frantic lady that is a complete opposite of me, who apparently is a king of keeping things orderly. I think that's what it takes to be a stockist I guess. For her being a top distibutor in the Tupperware business, that's why she got all those boxes in her house. And messy... well, she's like that for years! (I think all nurses are messy...opps!)

    Anyway. Upon listening to my niece mentioning about the bags I then told her, "I got lots of bags too. But they're all kept properly in my wardrobe, not messing around like hers. And I think if Aunty Aini came to my house, she probably snatched mine without a doubt!" And I do mean that since my other sister also did the same. Last time when she visited the house, she snatched some. But thank God they're the bags that are in the category 'Preloved, to find a new love' list. Ahaks!

    Talking about bags and scouring thru my bag collection in the wardrobe (and reminiscing some comments from the readers in the previous posts) it seems that one third of my collection is actually from SEED. No kidding. In fact my niece also commented 'Su, tu beg hitam yg dalam blog tu... itu beg baru ker?' 'Beg yang mana? Yang gambar sangkut kat pintu tu ker' I asked. [click!] 'Eheehehe... ye la!' (with guilty giggles...ehehehe).

    And it's the truth, coz whenever I came across a good-looking bag at SEED, I will snap it that instant before anyone did. To me, SEED bags are the best-looking one from a highstreet label which can even rival Zara or He by Mango from the Western counterpart. Though the prices are slightly above the typical 'normal' spending range of people here... still, comparing conversion-wise and value-to-money, I think they're worth buying. Not all of them, but only some (you've got to skim the cream, right?) And that's why whenever I found a bag at SEED and me suddeny went ooh, that looks nice - I know that bag is coming home with me. Period.

    So, after having quite a number of SEED bags - from the totes to holdalls - I'm becoming quite careful for my next quest of searching the bags from the label. Currently it's all about 'leather' only! No more PU, no more pleather, no more technofabric, no more canvas (except that Mulberry Picadilly lookalike); only leather. And I know exactly where to get the leather SEED bags! (Plus, I got discounts!)

    Now with the overgrowing number, can I be a tauke bag SEED after this? Ehehehe.... (guilty giggle)