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Tea on Tuesday

    Have you ever tried strawberry tea? It's absolutely delish. It's one of the most famous produce from Cameron Highlands, the place that's well-known in the country for its strawberry farms. Since Cameron Highlands is just about 40 minutes away from my home, whenever I went up there I never forget to stop by the Green View Garden - just by the side of the road at Simpang Pulai-Cameron Highland highway - to get my supply of strawberry tea.

    It's not to everyone's taste though, coz my bro apparently don't really like it. Me, I love it especially during the afternoon tea session, together with some cakes or pisang goreng... it's divine. I don't really like to add sugar to it, so that the true infusion of strawberry and tea can really come out. Try it... you might like it as well. Next time I'm gonna try the one by BOH and Cameron Valley. They are surely gonna be good too...

    Oh, mentioning Cameron Highlands I hope you can recalled that the previous Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2011 ad campaign is shot at the highlands. [click here to read]. I just can't believe that the greenery and luscious greenforest of Perak/Pahang border is the choice for the photoshoot from the uber brand. That is absolutely awesome, and could somehow eleviate the status of the tourist spot to the world's eyes. Yes, the forest is still well-preserved, though some part of the highlands have been cleared to make way for the plantations.. which I think will absolutely wipe out the flora and fauna such as the monkeys, for instant.

    Hmmmm... mentioning monkeys, it reminds me of the comment that I made at one of the blogger's site the other week. A story about Tarzan and monkey to be exact. The story goes like this...

    You know Tarzan is the king of the jungle (apart from the lion, duh!)... and he is a best friend to all the animal, including the monkeys. Tarzan is so close to the monkeys, too close in fact that he can even understand and speak their language. Though their relationship is very tight, Tarzan would never find time to go and have a bath at the waterfall or the river nearby with the animal - by which he prefer to do it alone without anybody's presence.

    One day, there has been a conversation between two monkeys, who's one of them seem to get upset with the Tarzan's rejection everytime they invited him to go and mandi together.

    Monyet 1: apsal Tarzan tak nak mandi ngan kita kat sungai ah?
    Monyet 2: aku gi ngendap itu hari, rupa-rupanya Tarzan malu sbb ekor dia kat depan...!
    Monyet 1: Oooo...gitu ker? (muka blur)

    So now they know why. Tarzan is ashamed to the other monkeys coz his 'tail' is at the front, unlike all the monkeys in the jungle. Hmmm.... no comment.

    Sekian. Enjoy the strawberry tea. :)