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TGIT : Thank God It's Thursday

    Suddenly I became quite superdizzy after these eyes have been stuck to this flatscreen LCD monitor; trying to crunch numbers, and doing these iterations and what not like it's neverending. But I don't wanna complain, in fact I'm glad that I've back to my modelling world again. Erm, correction... mathematical modeling to be exact, not fashion modeling. Ahaks! And today the 'second' glad is that it is Thursday, the last day of my working week this week. Last day, how? Apparently I have to take a leave tomorrow - a 'must-take leave', which I don't wanna waste at all. Since last month I've worked during the weekend as an event manager of a national-level symposium, therefore I've been granted unrecorded leave to be taken in any working days, provided that it's within one-month period from that mentioned date. Since the due is approaching... there's no more other day except tomorrow. Otherwise, it'll be burnt just like that, yikes!

    Though I'm feeling quite elated, I woke up this morning didn't know what to wear. Skinny suit again? Nah... otherwise I'll be doing the fashion faux pas by wearing the same thing twice in a row. While I was wandering about in my wardrobe, I felt that I just wanna keep it safe and simple just by wearing the white shirt from Jil Sander's FW11 collection for Uniqlo and the double-breasted chambray suit by Asos instead.

    But there's one dilemma, which ties should I pick? The steel grey horizontal stripes on the left or on the tartan checks on the right? Since I can't actually decide, I just bring 'em both in my bag with me so that whenever I feel the need to switch, I can always do so. What about the shoes? Suddenly I'm in the mood for patent, I just slipped in inside the mid-ankle patent leather boots by Fendi instead. Easy peasy and no fuss. Simple and understated, and at least it'll keep me to be incognito... (I know in this campus now, there is no way I'm not gonna be noticed, erkks!)

    Can't wait for tomorrow. It's gonna be round-the-clock tour to Unisel, UIA, UPM, Sepang, Serdang, Putrajaya, KL etc... etc...

    oooh, sempat lagi camwhoring through the bedroom mirror, huh? blurry, blurry... nak kena rembat iPhone4S nampaknya! =)