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Third Time a Skinny Charm

    Finally, after the third attempt I finally got what I wanted. The first time I try to order it online together with my other Skagen watches last year [click], I received an email saying that the watch is out of stock and they will sent it to me once it's available. Tunggu punya tunggu I was unlucky after all coz the store saying that they will not be getting it for a long period, hence they will refund my payment.

    And then, fast forward to this year I tried again for the second time. Realising that the store will not ship to Malaysia, I then contacted my friend Jijoe in the UK asking if I can use his address over there instead. All payment will be made by using my card here; that the only thing he need to do is to bring it home to me since Jijoe is coming back home for good. But dang! Though all the purchasing process was clear, suddenly I received the email mentioning that the transaction was cancelled coz I need to use a UK-based billing address. ~ sigh ~

    Hampered by the attempt, I contacted Jijoe saying my purchased is cancelled but thanking him though by letting me use his address. Maybe Jijoe can read my mind on how mad I was about getting this watch, he offered to purchase it on my behalf instead, and to bring it home the next week upon his return. I cannot tell how delighted to be hearing that. I think that's what a true friend is after all - they will help you regardless of what it is, as long as they can.

    So, two weeks ago, bamm! Upon arriving in the office, I am so happy not only to be seeing my friend again after a year ago I met him and his family in London when he visited (I love his kids, they are sooo damn cute!!) - but also to be receiving a parcel with the box stated 'Skagen' that I've been wanting for so long. Dream punya dream, I cannot believe it finally become a reality. I think it's true then when people say third time is a charm.

    Or, in my case: third time is a skinny charm. Coz this Skagen watch is so ultraskinny after all. (Thank you Jijoe!) 

    *present #6, though it is not really a 'present' present... but more of a reward to myself.

    it's square. it's thin. it's skinny. and it's a genuine leather strap.

    now I have the choice to either go for the leather strap, or the steel mesh strap. awesome!