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Time Machine

    Have you ever wished that you could turn back time; go back to the yesteryears and mend all those mistakes that you have done? Just like in the movie Back to the Future, where you could ride the DeLorean car, surpass the 88 mph and shoot up to the time when you could do things the right way? Have you ever thought of someone could really invent a time machine so that you can do all those stuff that you wish you would in the past? Have you...?

    If given a choice, I don't wanna go back to my past coz past is past. Things happens for a reason. History is so important in my live coz it lets me learn from all the mistakes that I've done in order for me to proceed into the future. Whatever happened in my past, I have no grudge at all. In fact I thank for every moment I've gone through, and to everyone that has involved in it - good or bad. Either those people who celebrated with me for my winning moment. Or the one that involves in all my successes and achievements. Or the bullies that made my life quite a challenge in my school years. Or my good friends who've been there in my college period, experiencing my ups and downs. Or my teachers and lecturers who've been teaching everything I need to know about life and what I could be when I grow up. Or even the time when my vocal chord is not functioning for almost two years, only to happen I suddenly got such an amazing voice now - I really cherish every moment in my past. Whetever happens in the yesteryears, I have no regret. In fact it made me even stronger. When I looked back, I love that I had an amazing story to tell which I'm loving it, and that's what life should be!

    Yet, if given a choice, I wanna travel to the future coz I wanna see what my future hold. Why? Coz future is yet to happen ... so it may be a blank canvas. What will happen in the future can definitely be changed, NOW. And that's what excite me the most - to change my future, once and for all right this moment.

    Anyway. I dunno what I've been merapu, again. What I wanna say really is that I'm excited to receive a time machine as a birthday present. Oh no, not the DeLorean car or the phone booth like in the Dr Who show, though... but the Time Machine - the Sonic Gear iP12 iPhone dock-slash-alarm clock. It is one splendid gadget, which I am utterly ecstatic about! I can't believe that the thing I dreamt of having suddenly appeared right before my eyes.

    What is awesome about the Time Machine is how the iPhone really flushed nicely into the 'cavity' in the middle. Once fit in, the whole numbers lit up indicating the numbers 1 to 11, as what an alarm clock would. And it also charges the iPhone through the pin at the bottom. To get the number 12 pops up on the iPhone screen, I need to download its app called DualAlarmClockFMRadio from iTunes, which is also the main app to control the features and for the 'analog' clock arms to appear.

    I love the look so much: black and silver combo in squarish design that is very ideally chic. As the name is 'alarm clock', I can wake up either to the typical alarm sound from the iPhone, the mp3 songs stored or either to the local radio channel which can be set via the app. The sound from the speaker located at the backside of the stuff is quite awesome as it gives off a loud sound that can be heard even 10 meters away (at full volume).

    Some other features....

    On the top, there're two buttons - power and snooze.

    The speaker is located at the back; small but powerful. Not so much of bass though, more to lots of treble that may sound a bit 'pecah'. The stand can be swiveled both directions, which made watching video much easier.

    It is DC-powered only, so it may not be suitable to be taken when you travel away from any electrical socket.

    The iP12 Time Machine comes with a remote control, that can be used to switch it on/off, control volume/play/pause/rewind/forward for your mp3 and radio channel, and dim the numbers to three different levels. Though it is quite compact, the volume is appreciably loud.

    Bottom line. The Sonic Gear iP12 Time Machine is an awesome gadget. Not just looks good on the bedside table, but it functions extremely well. Definitely one great b'day present that I received this year! (present #3, :D)

    ok, nothing to do with Time Machine.. just me getting silly taken my own pix! =)