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Versace for H&M Menswear: The Complete List

    Alas, the (almost) complete look by the next H&M-designer collaboration of the year - the Versace for H&M collection - has finally being unveiled. Modeled by the model-du-jour, River Viiperi wearing most of the pieces, the collection is a reminiscence of some iconic look seen on the catwalk by the Italian edgy fashion powerhouse dated from the heydays up to the recent Spring/Summer 2011. The signature Versace Greek geometric designs dominated the prints and embellishments, while the pumped up color like pink and bright blue, together with a hint of animal prints and floral motifs are also synonymous to what Donatella and Gianni Versace's midas touches are famous for.

    What is my verdict after skimming through the pixs? A mixed bag. For those out there who'd like to own a piece of Versace yet are not brave enough to be wild and crazy, the black collection such as the tux blazer and the skinny flat-front trousers are the safe bet. Or perhaps, the one with golden studded items can also be considered safe compared to the rest.

    But for those who're absolute Versace craze, own them all! This is the one and only chance you can have them, coz you'll never gonna get any Versace at highstreet prices... ever!! Drop by at H&M stores worldwide from Nov 19 to snatch 'em while you can... (or issit Nov 17? Hmmm...) 

    [pix via fy]