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Adakah Ini Cinta (Is This Love)?

    How many of you watched the Anugerah Industri Muzik 2011 last night? I probably quite late, coz I switched on Astro Ria channel almost towards end of the show. Not too bad though coz I got to see the best part; as what people say 'save the best for last'. Yup, the performance by Najwa Latif who sang her famous debut "Cinta Muka Buku" or Facebook Love. One word: splendid. The way it's being performed through acoustic is so very raw and honest, notes by notes are clearly expressed the feeling hidden via a great vocal exuberance; and of course... I love seeing what she wore. A simple white shirt blouse and black skirt, paired with a properly done black tudung - I think that's how the portrayal of a hijabi girl should be, if I may say. (unlike the other singer who claimed to be another hijabi girl, but pakai ketat nak mampus...eeek!

    Anyway. I love the lyrics of the song, though I have to admit that last night is the first time I heard it in full. Very simple and raw... it speaks the inner voice about a love struck through cyberworld. I know that it is possible to find love thru Facebook, or even the online dating website coz those things are not new these days. But what about thru blog? Or blogging? Can we find love thru blogs too? Is it possible? Could you be attracted to someone just by reading what they're writing about, without even meeting them in person before? Would you take a dare step and ask the person that you 'met' in a blog out for a 'date'....and let the magic unfolded later on? Would you turn a 'total stranger' into a 'total friends' or even, who knows a 'total soulmate'? Would you...?

    I dunno whether I have the guts to do that - to initiate the first move and ask the one that I have the 'crush' on out for a coffee. Probably I'm not that brave enough *sheepish*. But I've been on the receiving end so many times. In London, in Malaysia...everywhere, readers asking me out. Why? I dunno. But I have to say I so absolutely flattered! ^___^

    Mentioning Cinta Muka Buku, I love this part of the lyrics...

    Banyak persoalan yang berada di minda
    Banyak tanda tanya dan juga kata kerja
    Otak kata jangan hati pula kata ya

    Hidup tak menentu adakah ini cinta ?

    Adakah ini cinta? Yes. Actually I have found it. The CINTA. In and out of town, up and down the hill... finally I found my CINTA. At Cameron Highlands recently. You wanna see what it looks like? 

    Voila! BUAH CINTA. Or Lover's fruit... ha! RM2 for a packet of 5 fruits, and RM5 for 3. Where else can you find 'love' this cheap? :)

    The other part of the song...

    Banyak soalan banyak juga jawapannya
    Kata hati dan rasa tak dibiar saja
    Setiap yang berlaku ada kebaikannya
    Harus pejam mata dan cuba apa saja

    Cuba apa saja.... and so I did. How does this 'love' really taste? Unlike typical 'love' out there that's normally sweet; this 'love' is very sour!! The inner is a cross between a tomato and kiwi fruit. In fact, when my sis' bibik saw it she said ini terung Belanda! Oh, yer ker? No wonder it does look like an eggplant in a glance too. But whatever it is, trying this 'love' would definitely tingle the back of your ears... just like a real love would! [click] :]

    Pabila kau katakan kau suka aku
    Ku terdiam terkedu tak tahu mana nak tuju Oooo
    Itulah cinta yang satu
    Cinta di muka buku

    When would people wanna write about "cinta laman sesawang"?

    p/s: did you watched Najwa's performance with Greyson Chance. Phenomenal!

    [credit to intan for posting this in fb]