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BigFat Chocolate Sunday

    My nose today is like a leaking tap on a sink; the 'fluid' keep on running non-stop without even being asked for. I got cold... so this runny nose is part of the whole package, okay. I think it's all due to last week where I've been drenching wet in the rain trying to get into my car. The downpour is absolutely unexpected coz it hit in the afternoon, just on the right time I'm going for my lunch break. And a week later, this is what happen. Getting sick due to the cold struck. Moral of the story - if it rain, always bring the umbrella! (I forgot my Burberry brollie that day...sigh)

    Unlike yesterday where I am mostly bedridden due to being slightly weak myself (or sofa-ridden to be exact, eeek!) - and by which my lunch + dinner is just the pizza delivered to my house at the noon - today things getting better as I gain the strength again. Though this nose is still like waterfall, and my voice is sounding much sexier than ever... I brave myself to go out. Otherwise I'll be much sicker than ever.

    Anyway, long story short after getting my groceries at Jusco I went to the new Haagen Dazs outlet which has just being open at De Garden in Ipoh, just opposite the Kinta City. Pretty cool outlet, just like where I used to go to the one in front of the Gloucester Road tube station in South Kensington, London. You should've known that HD is all about the delish ice creams (and their ice cream cake too), and who won't be tempted by the cold confectionery, right?

    So, my choice of the day is 'making' my own sundae - the 2+2 version. Belgian chocolate + Chocolate Midnight, topped with the Chocolate sauce + chocolate sprinkles. Ok, I know it's too much chocolate... but that's actually my weakness. Chocolate! Delish without a doubt. 

    When I wanna pay at the counter, I asked the cashier is they ever had any 'opening special' promotion? Thankfully they do! And guess what, I got a free scoop of ice cream of my choice from the purchase. And what did I chose? No, not chocolate again silly. It's the cappuccino truffle. Ok, fine... there might be a hint of choc bits in it, but who can say no to that?

    I actually wanna eat it in store, but after seeing lots of people I just do a take-away instead. Upon bringing it to my car, it so freaking hot outside and the ice cream just slightly melt. Dang! But it doesn't hampered the temptation to finish it all. And voila... in less than 5 mins, the cup is successfully emptied. :)

    I wanna sit here, but suddenly come three old ladies who search for seats. I'm a good Samaritan, I just gave up my seat then... ^__^

     The choice of the day. Too much choc? Doesn't matter coz it's all gone in less than 5 minutes!

    Prior to my way back to the car park though, I stopped by at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaves on the ground floor at Kinta City to get some dose of caffeine. (hehe) I asked the waitress if they got anything special for the new season, and they pointed to the 3 new flavors: the agave cappuccino, triple chocolate cappuccino and crème brulee cappuccino. I have previously tried the creme brulee cappa, so for today I chose the triple choc instead. Choc again? Well, I'm in the chocolatey mood - so why not? Nggg.... :)  

    Oh, btw. What am I wearing today? Some chocolatey mood as well. I brought with me the moc-croc leather bag from Zara in dark brown. The shoes is my choc brown Chelsea boots by Emporio Armani... that looks like it hasn't been polished for ages. Actually it is, coz I haven't found the right shoe polish for the color (wait for my next post about my discovery!)

    And of course, my driving won't be completed without putting on my fingerless glove. (watch is the black Nixon Shutter, if you're asking)

    Unfortunately, for my tee I opted for a cheapo white shallow V-neck which I previously got from Primark London. It costs only £4... but it fits great on me, you know. (So, ada aku kesah?)

    Oh, btw. My cold getting better after eating the ice cream. I think it's true what people say, you've gotta fight cold with cold. Nggg.... (and I lose my sexier voice, tho the nose is still like waterfall!!)

    [all pixs taken using iPhone4]