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Black and Slim

    When I open my wardrobe I just realised that I don't have a proper black suit. Am I kidding myself? No, I'm not. I do have a lot of grey suits... name it: light grey, steel grey, urban grey, dark grey, linen, wool, wool-mix - they're all there on the hangers. Black? No. Well, okay, probably graphite color but that's more to softer black than a proper jet black. And the other black that I have - my cropped with white hem from Sub - that's not a suit, that's just a jacket! So, yes... there you go. I Don't really have a proper black suit to say the least.

    I went for a quest to find one, but not in store coz all that I saw here in Malaysia are all having the same cut, the same fabric, the same design, and the one that I hate - the same two-buttons. I try to shun anything two-buttons coz I hate it when one element in the clothing is not being used. What's the point of having another button if I never utilized it, right? So, online it is of course.

    Thankfully I found one at Asos. (you know Asos has been my only go-to shopping site nowadays!). But I am torn on which one should I picked as there are two different slim suits. But having my prying eyes wide open and really 'scrutinizing' the suits carefully I finally selected one which I think hit the right notes.

    Apart from the one-button, slim silhouette that the suit is offering, other features tick the boxes for me. Slim lapels? Check (coz sometimes, though the suit is categorized under 'slim' the lapel might be quite broad!). Hugging waist? Check (if it is slim but not really cekak the waist, what's the point?). Another check? The extra point I gave to the diagonal or slanting pocket coz this is one element on how any great suit jacket should be. It's more Italian and more edgy, as what most famous fashion houses did. 

    And the price of course. Though it's cheap (with another 20% discount), the quality is good coz knowing Asos all these years I'm always satisfy with any of my purchase. I think they really emulate what they preach though: ASOS - As Seen On Screen. What you see designer do, they can do the same but with fractions of the cost! Brilliant.

    Suit by Asos. Shirt by +J Uniqlo. 
    Vest by H&M. Bag by Burberry. Cuff by Burton.

    Bow tie by Kitschen