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Black Friday

    I love doing cliché sometimes. If some Mondays I tend to wear blue shirts to play along with the 'Monday Blues' mood, yesterday I do it again when Black Friday returned into another round in the calender. I know that I'm not celebrating Thanksgiving due to religious matter, but going all-black H2T on the Black Friday seem to be fun nonetheless. It's not a new thing that I wear black on Fridays, coz it's the best day of the week to wear a color that doesn't being classified as 'real color' in the printing industry. And oh, I hope you know what is Black Friday means. If not, there's always Google.... ngggg!

    So, I decided to go black all-around. From the shirt and trousers, the accessories, underwear and outerwear.... they're all black. For the accessories, it's all about 'reuse' what I have in my wardrobe again - my zipper boots by Jimmy Choo, the iPad case by YSL and the tote bag by SEED. The best thing, they're all in luscious, oh-so-intoxicating-smell leathers! What more could I ask for?

    For the ensemble, other than my slimfit blazer from Asos - the rest is all Uniqlo. My +J wool slimfit trousers, the studded-cuff slimfit shirt and the crochet knitted tie with some V-dotted element. All highstreet at it's best. And of course, paired with the Lanvin tiebar, which is apparently not black. Errkkss... (you can see the close-up of the tie here). (You can't see my innerwear btw, just so to let you know. But I'm wearing my black Calvins, if you still wondering.Ahaks!)

    I think I do made the fashion statement, huh? Somehow it made me think I look like a cool, dark, evil warlock! And nope, I'm not supporting the NZ's All Black either, who won the recent World Rugby, if you're asking...

    Even my coffee is black!