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Black 'n White & Perforated Thursday

    Today is the day back to the office as usual. Though I previously mentioned that I'm back to work on Tuesday, actually I'm still on my raya leave until yesterday. Oh c'mon, not everyday people celebrate Eid, right? And not being able to celebrate for the previous 5 years together, I think I do deserve that long Eid break. Oh, someone did asked me in my fb fanpage how many times do I eat during the holiday. The actual answer: I dunno... coz it's all about eating, eating and eating non-stop. The thing is, tak la plak rasa kenyang. (Lupa baca bismillah le teww kot..nggg!). And nope, I haven't gain a pound too (jangan jeles, hokay!)

    Anyway, today there'll be a meeting in the department as I'm reprising my role as the Secretary for the conference that we're organizing next year at KLCC. A huge international conference which hopefully be attended by the delegates around the world. And I'm in the mood of something understated - hence black 'n white it is as usual.

    My shoe-of-the-day is the faux-perforated lace-ups derby from Zara which is bought during Summer Sale in London three years ago. I said 'faux' coz the punched hole details looks a bit like it is perforated, but in actual it is not. If I can recall, in late 2009 or early 2010 Emporio Armani did the same look - which raised my question, does designer also inspired by the highstreet pieces?

    My outfit is the simple slimfit white shirt + black trousers all from the latest FW2011 +J @ Uniqlo, paired with the check ties from Tie Rack + Lanvin platinum tie bar + black with white-hemmed, cropped sleeve blazer from Sub.

    Simple, just like what I love as usual.

    p/s: Oh, btw.. I can't believe that this is 1800th post! Too much I've blogged, huh?