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Breakfast Date. And, Thank You Dear!

    *rewind to two weeks ago*

    I pulled an Obama on the morning after my birthday at Hotel Maya. You know what is 'pulling an Obama'? It means - I did a power breakfast meeting with someone; just like what Mr. Obama did during his Presidency election where he invited the New York Mayor, Mr. Bloomberg in securing his support for the vote. But in my case, I'm not having a business meeting, rather it's like a breakfast 'date' with my bestest friend. I invited her to join me for breakfast that morning, as we also have the exchange of gifts as well (coz her birthday was one week earlier!).

    After fetching her at the lobby, we went down to the cafe on the ground level called the Maya Braisserie or Still Water, which ever one I can't remember the name coz I was so drawn to the chic ambience of the cafe. Oh, btw I love what my 'date' is wearing though - so glammed up as if she's going for a dinner instead. In a knee-length floral dress paired with a cardigan throw, that looks so very pretty... I loike. (oh, I love your ring too... to die for!)  ^__^

    Upon taking our seat overlooking the hotel entrance and the 'still water' indoor pool, she handed me one gift bag bearing the name 'Cuffz' on the outside. It's my birthday, and she did told me before she's gonna give me something during the breakfast. I can pretty much guess what it is - as it might be a neckwear as what Cuffz is famous for. Yet, I didn't take a look what's inside since I don't wanna spoil the moment. She did asked "don't you wanna see what I gave you?" I said "No. I'm not gonna spoil the surprise!

    So, bla bla bla... after almost two hours chit chatting from all sorts of things from work stuff to our former classmates to her recent travel, and munch munching all sort of food available on the counter... finally it's time to say goodbye. I headed back to the room as I'm checking out from the hotel, and she went back home as she's living nearby Ampang. But before her departure, I take a peek what's inside the bag that she gave me. I took out the present... and was stunned."Oh my God, there're two boxes!!"  I screamed as I'm taking out not just one box, but TWO! I only gave her one present, but she gave me two? I am so very touched...

    In the hotel room, I wrecked open the wrapper and feeling quite anxious on what it's gonna be. I know the larger box is a tie - but what material would it be, as I can't and won't wear anything 'silk' due to religious reason. But I am so much relief + ecstatic + joy + happy when I found out it's something I really love.

    It checks all the boxes. It's a slim tie, check. It's grey - one of my fav color, check. The material is microfibre, check. (Aaaaahhh!!! I'm happy it's not SILK!!!). And much better, it's a reversible tie!? I can't believe that the black side is actually becoming reversible upon how I choose to wear it. And of course, it's a tie...which is something I wear every day. What more could I ask for? It's AWESOME!!

    And oh, pairing up the tie with my Lanvin platinum tie bar is like match made in heaven!

    But, wait a minute. That's not all. There's one small box that stuck to the larger box too. I can actually guess what's in it - the cufflings. Yet, it's not JUST a pair of cufflings. When I opened it, my jaw just dropped like it never should! Why?

    It bears my initials - Z and A!! Whaaa....tttt? This can't be real!? I just can't believe that someone really went to a great length to customize a special cufflinks just for me? I am just speechless and beyond words. Absolutely ecstatic for the very thoughtful gesture by a bestest friend. What else can I ask for?

    All I can say: THANK YOU, DEAR! I love the gifts! ^__^

    p/s: There's one thing she said to me though, "you know it's very hard to shop for you??" Haha! Yes, I know dear. I find it hard for me to shop for me as well!  Ha!

    Anyway. The breakfast at Hotel Maya is not all that glam. Most food are continental English breakfast, only some with a touch of Malaysian. I was expecting nasi lemak on the menu, but there's none on that day. There is roti jala, though... plus some Chinese fried chow mein. But, the 'prettiest' are the yoghurt selections - they have loads of varieties filled in a cute little shot glass!