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Breton Stripes

    A definite must-have in any men's wardrobe if you wanna claim yourself to the frontline of fashion and trend. It's Breton stripes - the horizontal, sailor-like stripes which is so synonymous with the nautical theme. Though Breton is normally seen in tremendous amount during Spring/Summer season, yet some cheeky stores out there even offer the stripes in Fall/Winter as well to give a hint of fun to the gloomy weather. Just like what Reiss used to do a couple of years back for their cardigans spotting the Breton stripes. Or even Jean Paul Gaultier, by whom Breton itself is like his second name already as most of what he's wearing is sailor-like tops.

    What I love about Breton stripes is the widening effect to the torso, great for those slim guys like me who's quite unfortunate that we look too praying mantis or cekeding sometimes, which is not that pretty. By wearing horizontals - especially the typical Breton with its stripes gather more to the center of the body and leaving empty portion at the top side - at least we can play the optical illusion to the viewing eyes. A couple of percent widening effect is good enough as it creates a silhouette of curviness to the slim body.

    Word of caution, those with a big belly avoid wearing Breton stripes coz the effect of expanding your love handles could be multiplied. And for those who're in plus-size region, it is recommended to avoid Breton stripes too coz it'll blew up your look even worse. Better if you wear vertical stripes instead coz it'll direct the eyes north-to-south, instead of more to 'equatorial line'!

    One great example of Breton wearing is by Armie Hammer, featured in the previous Spring 2011 issue of GQ.
    Armie Hammer in GQ Spring 2011 Issue, wearing the Breton sweater by H&M

    My choice of Breton stripe tops is Asos. Cheap and they kill it so well...!