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A Cole Monday

    So uncomfortable. That's all I can say about my condition today as I got hit by the flu. I thought I was already okay last night but getting up this morning I think it's worse than I could ever think of. My nose is like a pili bomba coz fluids keep on running out without having to ask for. Head feeling a bit heavy, as what flu-hit people normally experiencing. Sniffing, snorting... that you don't have to mention as I think I might've disturbed the colleagues in the office. Sneezing... urrghh... can't help it. Thankfully it sounded "aaah-JimmyChoo!" instead! Ha!

    But whatever it is, life's going on as usual. Have to go to work coz fabulosity won't happen if you're not working hard, people (suddenly pinjam what Kimora said, coz I've just saw her on the E! News. ahaks!). So, what do I've chosen to spice up my look of the day? Nothing special coz I just grabbed whatever I can snatch in my wardrobe to go along with my new grey linen blazer from Asos. Hence, the Zara slimfit shirt that is that's paired with the striped tie from Red Herring @ Debenhams (style reused!).

    The shoes? I'm seriously making a statement today as I went defying the gravity. It's the patent leather Chelsea boots by Kenneth Cole which has also created such a hoopla when I wore them during emceeing the convocation ceremony last year. One of the graduating students even said "sir, people back here is talking about your shoes coz it looks so different. Is that new kind of shoes?"

    I have no comment coz I think they might've never seen a guy wearing a high-heel boots before. Yes, repeat: high heel. Or to be exact the Cuban heel or meel (men's heel) since it's like almost 2-inch thick. Seriously? Yup, and that's how I kinda 'defy' the gravity! It boosted the height without a doubt, and the heel kinda straighten up the posture by pulling the back (now I know how it feels for women who wear stilettos, eeek!). Paired it with the slim trousers, the look is awesome. I think I might've done a shock tactic again when the public went like "ooooh" when I walked to the class. Ahaks!

    Anyway. I went to the doctor to get some prescribed medicine to cure the flu. Since I'm gonna travel up north and down south this weekend and next week, I better not be sick. Or otherwise I'm gonna be missing the opportunity again. But what's surprising me is when I read the label - do I really need to eat 11 tablets a day? Are you kidding me, doc? 

    Owh, it's two... not 11. Nggg... *pengsan*