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Currently Loving: Gucci Drawstring Canvas Bag

    Sometimes I forgot what does this blog is used to be famous for - the images of the bags or shoes or clothes from the online stores that I used to post and gave my point-of-view about. Something that I took from some brands' websites which I think is such an eye candy to me, and talk about how great the product is. It's used to be less about me and more about them, so to speak. But nowadays I think the focus have been shifted more towards 'things about me' rather than promoting more about other labels' product instead.

    I realised I've come to the term that when I posted some other people's pictures... the post become so 'cold' and 'lifeless'. It's like a promo shop without end, just like some other famous blogs in this region or in this world too - they do the same, yet generated a lot of audience somehow. But yeah, I do have to admit their blog is a little bit 'without personality' which I think is too sad. Aren't they happy themselves? To me I'm not gonna do that anymore. I'm gonna posted less about other people's product that I didn't buy it myself, and more about thing circulating around me instead coz that's what my blog should be. I have family and friends and real life that is so magical... and if I share that in this blog alongside the product I'm showing - that I think how I should be writing. Right? I know I've lost quite a number of audience from the overseas due to me being 'myself' a lot and less 'oh, this product is bla bla bla...' coz probably they do like 'cold' and 'lifeless' style. But by putting a bit of my own self in here, I dunno how come suddenly I got tremendous amount of audience from Malaysia! Maybe they like to hear more about my stories, eh? High five! Malaysian rocks!

    Anyway. I'm still gonna put the pix of any brands' products, but it's gonna be less. That including this one, by which it's something I found so droolworthy. The Gucci drawstring canvas bag in their Resort 2011 collection. I just love everything about it. The color that looks quite nautical theme with the navy and white combination. And the canvas material that looks very hardwearing, embellished with the paladium hardware; trimmed with leather in navy color. It's always the little neat thing when Gucci try to always inject their famous signature in every pieces - by which this one is the modern interpretation of Gucci triple-stripes printed webbing on the center body of the bag.

    It looks pretty sporty given its size is quite large, which is very practical to be carried to the gym or to a casual weekend getaway outside the city. One thing I wish though; the handle is a bit longer so that easier for it to be slung on the shoulder. Yet, with the additional removable strap you can always do that, right?

    Price? Would you be willing to pay USD$ 2180? Hmmmm....buat downpayment keta lg bagus!

    Btw, what do you think about what I said before? More about me is a good idea? (I think you'll puke more if you listen too much about myself lah!)

    [pix from gucci]