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The Day I Met Tom

    I am very privileged to be living in London, yet alone to be studying at a uni that's very close to Leicester Square - just about two tube stops away - where the film premieres are usually held. Everytime there's a big film screening in town, me armed with my camera (either point-and-shoot or DSLR) would never left the chance untouched as I must be going without a doubt. My Greek friend, George, used to nickname me paparazzi coz I love snapping the photos of the ambience during the premiere, together with pictures of the stars that are arriving on that day.

    And this is one of the moment where I met Tom Cruise during the premiere of Valkyrie back in Winter 2009. Read: WINTER... and you have no idea how freezing cold that night was. Me and my mate, Rashed, went there just at the right time where crowd is not as massive as I thought it was. At first I thought Mr. Cruise is not yet arriving given that the main cast usually gonna arrive 15 mins before they're going in. But it turned out that he is actually there even 2 hours earlier I've been told. That's the typical Tom, as he love mingle with his fans and give them their moment to be with him.

    Tom Cruise looks amazing though he's almost 50 years old. Still looking good in his suit, with his signature big smile whenever he greeted his fans. I just love how he treated them well, unlike some stars who could be quite snobbish sometimes. But not Tom. 

    Yet, one thing surprised me is that - Mr. Cruise is shorter than I am. Whaaatt? Bingo! At least that made me feel good...haha! Anyway, the snaps are quite blurry not just because of the crowd pushing and pulling here and there, but also the freezing night that's soooo eviliciously chill! 

    Btw, I met lots of other stars too such as Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, Brad and Angelina, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans, Julia Roberts, the cast of Sex and the City movie, etc... etc.. too much to name. And that also include Lady Gaga during the Brits Awards, though I didn't get the snaps since I didn't brought a camera. yikes! Stay tune, as there are more premiere pics to come...