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En Vogue in Brown Brogue

    Energy lost. That's all I can sum up the mood of this morning when I woke up wanna go to the office. Feel a bit drained since I forgot to take my dinner last nite, due to membuta right after Isya' straight into the morning. Thank God these days Isya' is so early before 8.30 pm; which is perfect to doze off after the prayer. Yesterday it's so damn tiring - too much going on in the day that I don't even bother to finish my lunch (it's still in the tapau thing in my fridge, though!). Oh, did I say I forgot my dinner? Sort of coz I had three donuts earlier since the Big Apple Aliens are still in stock kept in my cold storage. But c'mon... I should ate something nonetheless coz that's how I can maintain this weight, right?

    Thankfully today is my casual Thursday, so my timetable is empty - only that I have to focus on my research as my other Thursdays are. And the mood is also going a bit underwhelm since no meeting with the earth dwellings are in my schedule. That's why i chose to be looking a bit rustic with a little twist.

    If one of my 'underwhelm' Thursday I've chosen the Paul Smith grey lace-up brogues, today I went for its sibling - the chocolate brown. I bought this at Paul Smith's online store last year's Summer Sale when the shoes went marked down like I can't believe it was. Without hesitant I hit the 'BUY' button and a couple of days later it arrived safely to my home at Tottenham. (pronounce as Tot-nem okay... unlike some newsreader here call it Tot-ten-hem. Baaahaha! *gelak guling2*) 

    And to go along with it is none other than the grey suit by River Island, paired with the dark choc slim shirt by COS and the wool tartan tie from Uniqlo. I love pairing the grey ensemble with a brown shoes, coz that's how your GQ style point would be judged really. Grey + black - that's too common. Grey + dark grey shoes - that's too streamlined. But grey + brown - ding! There's a new dapper in town!

    Oh, btw... while you're reading this I already change my suit to black. Why... coz it seem I'm not feeling the vibes anymore when afternoon come. Need to look much edgy than this morning though! (boleh tukar2... mcm vampire dlm Twilight pulak yer? ahaks!)

    to go along with the choc brown theme this morning is the brown leather strap watch by Pulsar