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Freaky Friday Wear

    So, Friday 11/11/11 has join the forces to become one of the dates to remember, huh? Pretty cool isn't it given that the date really happen once in a century. (It is a century, right? Coz the last one is 11/11/1911 !!). I know there has been a lot of hooplas going around the world, including the one that says that the Pyramid Giza has been closed to public due to some Pagan believers who wanna take the advantage of the 'supreme power' happen on the date. Errkss.. kinda freaky, don't you think? Others, well.. some just wanna get hitched on the special 11/11/11, while there's also one case even booked a Ceaserean birth yesterday. Whatever it is, as long as their happy to commemorate the day, why not? Me, what did I do? Oh, that you-know-what thing.. ahaks! (jgn marah aaa... nanti kena jual!)

    Anyway, yesterday I decided to be in the freaky mood as well coz I wore another pair of patent lace-ups derby to the office. It's by Zara and I just love the simplicity of the shoes. Pretty dressy and almost to OTT for the office. A friend at the PR Office even complimented on how it looks "wah, kilatnya kasut!" Absolutely, coz that's what patent gives you - the very watery, hi-sheen glow. Not Glow by J. Lo... just, glow. :)

    And since I'm having meeting again in the morning with my research group, trying to qawtim on our multimillion dollar research fund that we received from the Government; I decided to wear my new black slimfit suit from Asos, paired with the purple Oxford shirt from River Island + black-purple stripes crochet tie from Uniqlo (plus, the Lanvin platinum tie bar as usual). Right now I presumed lots of my colleague at office already noticed that I wear different shirt every day - and when I put on some color, that effect is even profounded. "Wah, hari ni pakai purple Zamri?!" say one of the exec. 

    "Ha ah... ingat nak pakai color mcm you (referring to her brown ensemble), tp nak go spiritual color sket...haha!" I replied. Indeed, purple is one spiritual color based on the chromatotherapy, which is good for freaky Friday like yesterday.