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Getting The Hair Scanned

    I went again today to the Mahkota Parade to get a goggle coz I wanna go swimming later. Upon leaving Parkson store, I passed by a hair saloon... and suddenly my eyes stuck to some hair products on the shelf. Something that I've been eyeing for quite some time now - since last year before I return from UK.

    While I was wandering outside trying to read the labels, the hairdresser inside suddenly greeted me 'can I help you?' in a very pleasant manner.

    I replied "I wanna get this one, but dunno which one is suitable for me", while pointing to the product. That's when she replied back "oh, we can do a scan for you... then you will know what type of hair you got"

    Hair scan? I never heard that before. I know there's a cat-scan, or the skin scan which I used to go thru at Men's Skin Center and Clinique, or even the document scanner... but hair scan? Then I said, "ok, let's do it. But it's free right?" (kena la tanya kan, nnt tak pasal2 kena bayar). She said yes.

    After getting my seat on the ostrich-textured leather chair in front of the mirror, the hairdresser bring a gadget that looks more like a digicam with twisted handle. She put the probe on my head... and bamm! An enlarged image appear showing my scalp and the hair follicles. I asked if I had an oily hair?

    She said "No. You hair looks okay, but you have lots of dandruff" while showing me the 'evidence'. It was quite eeeww actually but she further asked. "when is the last time you shampoo?" "Two days ago..." (me being honest)

    "That's not too bad given that you shampoo two days ago. Other people have very bad one!" while showing me the scanned images 'template' that they have. Mine is between the dry and oily - that's why the dandruff is there. Well, actually the dandruff is due to stress anyway... and that's one reason why I had it in the first place.

    Long story short, she recommended the one suitable for dandruff control. I hope it's gonna work since I've forked out quite a sum for a shampoo. It HAS to work so that I can really prove that "...because I'm worth it!". Mwah. Ahaks!

    Btw. I'm outta Malacca - and now on the way to Port Dickson pulak. Pray for my journey. :)