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It's Just a Prank!

    What is the best way to commemorate one of the significant date of the century? Doing something that would be remembered forever, of course. If last 09/09/09 I bought the Harry Potter magic wand for my nephew, Piki for his birthday to remember the magic date... this year I wanna do something quite unthinkable but have been done quite a while instead. By falsely deleting this blog. Again? (I missed out 10/10/10 if you're wondering...)

    Yup, again. On the 11/11/11. But it's just a prank, people. I just wanna know the reaction by the readers when they click on the blog link and suddenly...BAMM! saw nothing in it. None. Nothing. Nada.. not Rafael Nadal, just nada. How would they react? Would they feel as blank as the page is? Would they cry? Or, would they go..meh.. why do I even care? Surprisingly I think it's the last one, and that give me such a good reflection how much does this blog stand on the entire blogosphere. It's like nothing, eh?

    But, there are some people who convey their deep feeling about me wanna remove myself from online world. They lash out their dissatisfaction in my facebook page. Some went quite emo...some just biasa-biasa jer. To me honestly, now I know who really being honest about the existence of this blog, or to be exact my own existence in the cyberworld. And I have nothing but my deep gratitude to those people who really care. Merci beaucoup. For others, all I can say is that are you serious?? 

    Anyway. Moi wanna delete this blog? Nope. Didn't I just tell about it in one of the previous posts quite a long time ago about not deleting this? Never! But, again... never say never, coz who know sooner or later I will take myself out from blogging once and for all. I never know coz God has His own plan too. After all, this is just a blog, right? One thing about me, I never regret anything that had happen.

    I'm actually feeling quite under the weather today, probably due to a minor cold I'm having. That's why I went meracau to do the prank like this. But now, after having my photoshoot for my next blogposts, I gain the strength again after getting kebah due to the warm ambience in my studio. Would you promise to stay put to this blog no matter what happen? And would you vote for this blog in the Nuffnang Award for the Best Fashion Blog in the region? (if no, aku delete for good!)

    Btw, it took me 12 hours to close the blog - from 11/11/11 11:11 to 11/11/11 23:11 to really being in the 'prank' mood. So now, I am happy to inform this blog return to 'business as usual'. Till then, happy reading! ^__^

    p/s: how many people actually cried when I 'delete' this blog? C'mon, be honest.. ha!