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    Right after my breakfast with my bestest of friend at Hotel Maya during my birthday weekend last week, I thought it was still too early to go home as it's barely 11.00 am in the morning. Upon checking out from the hotel, I realised that I shouldn't miss all the best thing the city could offer coz I'm not here that frequent anyway. While I was around the Golden Triangle area in the capital KL, I thought why not go and visit my fav store at Bukit Bintang instead - where else, other than Pavilion and Fahrenheit88. The initial plan to visit my other shopping spot, 1Utama had to be shelved coz the lure of this two mall is stronger!

    So, I parked my car at Fahrenheit88 since they offer the cheapest parking rate ever - RM1 for the first 3 hours, provided that I shop more than RM300 at Uniqlo, or some other stores in the mall. Not too bad, huh, especially when I do wanna get something from Uniqlo. Otherwise, I'd have to pay RM3 per hour, or worse RM5 if at other parking lots. So, okay... Fahrenheit88 is great enough (though had to be very early since the spaces are limited).

    Anyway, long story short. Uniqlo - awesome! New +J collection is in store and I am loving the new slimfit trousers in wool/polyester mix fabric. It's like match made in heaven coz it's the best work trousers I've ever found out there in the market - though I do have to admit, it may raise some eyebrows as it does look a bit 'skinny'. Yikes! The good thing is, Jil Sander finally did it right with this final collection. And to me... it's ka-ching!

    Next stop, Pavilion which is just across the street. Good weather that day, as if even lure me to get my wallet become thinner. What can I say I'm falling head over heel with the mall after finding out about it in my last visit. Goodbye KLCC, I found a new love! It's a supremo... At SEED, I thought I wouldn't get anything coz not many new stuff on the rails. But while walking out, this eyes of mine is really a very strong preying eagle-type coz I spotted something that just came out from it's Fall/Winter 2011 catalog. Loving it,  and... ka-ching! (what is it? tak yah la cakap..huhu!)

    And then, this store and that store. Oooh, that look nice! Ka-ching! And, ooh, that look nice too! Another ka-ching! and more zruss zrass! (the sound of the swiped card, lol!). At last, alamak! After realizing I've been spending almost 3 hours in both stores, it's time to leave (otherwise, more ka-ching siot!!)

    Anyway, on my way to the car, I stopped by to get some dessert at Gelato kiosk at Fahrenheit88. Fyi, gelato means ice cream in Italian. There's a lot of choices, and I end up getting the choc mint (coz the color is divine!). Oh, the ice cream is so authentic as it taste the same as the one I tried at Palermo, Italy back in 2009. Magnifico! (though have to shelve more than RM7 for a scoop, eeek!)

    So, end of story... there's not many shopping bags carried home that day. But the amount spent on them is on the contrary. Ooops..! *good weekend*

    the glorious Pavilion on the good sunny Sunday...

    spotted this at Bernard Chandran window display, his new collection for the ladies...

    Gelato, delish...!

    ka-ching... ooops! :)