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The Monk Moccassins

    If you're a big fan of shoes like I am, one of the most important thing to have in the shoe closet is the variety. Not just about the color (except mine, where most of them are blacks...yikes!), but also the design, the labels and the most important - the type of shoes that you have. Among the big chunk of the lo-pro shoes that I own, I love wearing the mocs since I don't like to mess around with the laces which sometimes could trip me down when I walk. And one of the mocs that I prefer is the monk-strap shoes that has its iconic side-fastened buckle.

    Monk shoes is a very formal footwear that has either one or two buckle straps that sway to the side. What I love about is the the much quintessential gentlemen look it oozes, almost like you're the Cary Grant or Fred Astaire of the modern world when you slip into one. Though it can be in suede version as well, to me I love the typical smooth leather upper for its much chic look and classic appeal. Couple that with the toe-cap front, it looks is taken to another style level.

    I own one monk shoes by Gucci which is bought quite some time ago during a Sale in Harrods. It was a purely 'by-chance' moment when I stumbled upon the shoes somewhere hidden in the aisle 'size 43' at the footwear department on the Ground Level. Though at first it was a bit off-ish to me since the look is quite matte (since I love anything hi-sheen), yet upon trying it up ...something just click so nicely. It looks quite good actually. And with the slashed price that's never can be found anywhere in the world except at Harrods, the lure of the monk is too vivid to be ignored. And, erm... because it's a Gucci, of course. Ha! 

    [pix from mr porter]

    my monk mocs from Gucci