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Object of Lust: Louis Vuitton Damier Infini White Laptop Case

    I know I will be in big, big trouble whenever I put something under the 'I want' list. Yet alone if I put it under the 'object of lust' header. Big trouble, how? Coz somehow the 'nature' takes its own course on me - sometimes it turn out to be a reality. But isn't that a good thing? I guess... but it certainly not so good to my bank balance! Errkkss...

    Whatever it is, this Louis Vuitton Damier Infini laptop case is an absolute drool-factor. When I saw Simon Nessman appeared on the runway holding it in his hand, I just went manic. Really love what I'm seeing. The material is leather, so that alone is one tempting tick on the box. It is white - a color that's so chic apart from black. And it's a laptop case - which is definitely one 'bag' that I always use all the time, making it so practical to be carried or clutched around with me all day.

    The design is very different from other LV's laptop cases under their Damier and Monogramme collection, coz as if Marc Jacobs trying to inject his own brandname element into this one. It zipped open halfway on the top, just like the Marc Jacob's Stardust laptop case that I previously bought. [click]. Nevertheless, I think it look much awesome like this!

    Price? I dunno. Let's hope it's within the price range of their other laptop cases (though I'm guessing it's slightly higher since the material is fully leather). Time to head to the LV maison then...

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