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Operation Desert Storm

    What kind of footwear that I don't have in my shoe closet? Desert boot, that is. I have the typical Chelsea boots, zipper boots and even lace-up boots. But not desert boot. I dunno why this type of footwear doesn't really appeal to me. One reason, maybe it's because of the design itself with the very rounded-almost-squarish toe front which kinda repel to my taste. I've been searching for a good desert boots quite some time - but always come across the one by Clarks Original, i.e. so synonymous with the 'desert shoes' tagline.

    Anyway, finally I found some collection that is worthy to be on my ooh-that-look-nice list after all. They got almost similar form factor, but slightly difference in term of the material and the construction of the undersoles.

    Two of them are by Cheap Monday @ in black leather and olive canvas. I love their simplicity of not being over-the-top. The undersoles are almost flat, with a slight jagged look which I think could give a good grip when you take it on any slippery or wet pavement. The black leather suits anyone who wanna look edgy without going overboard, while the olive green in canvas material is great during the warm weather as the material is breathable and won't heat up your feet too much.

    [pix from ssense]

    But if you love something slightly different and wanna win on the hi-fashion side, these desert boots by Emporio Armani in patent leather might tick the boxes. From the watery, hi-sheen patent leather upper to the contrasting undersoles, these shoes are for those who're dare to stand out in the crowd. I love that the chunky soles which hit the FW11 trend right on is not too thick unlike Burberry or Prada, which means you may not look like a total fool when wearing them. The grey one looks quite ok, which I can see pairing it with a trousers or jeans in similar grey but in a one tonal lighter. And the light caramel desert boot looks quite delish itself... to delish that I feel like licking it instead. It's more  'dessert' than a 'desert'!

    [pix from emporio armani]