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Pieces That Change My Taste on Fashion Forever

    Making that first step in changing your style direction is probably the hardest. I still remember how I used to be - in baggy jeans, baggy clothes, stupid pilgrim shoes... not worrying what people think about me when I walk on the street. Or, the correct statement is - I don't wanna let people think about me; coz that's what comfort 'safe fashion' zone is all about. You wanna blend in and disappear into the background, rather than standing out. But the thing is, I started to come to the term that how big the opportunity in life I will miss if I really stay in my old style today. Too big that I can't even bear and don't wanna think! Whether it's in the work-related matter, or relationship stuff or... even anything!

    Reminiscing on my fashion journey, there are a couple of things that's somehow completely flip 180 degrees on how I perceived men's fashion and choose to dress and accessorize myself. Tell you, it is that first step I took in trying on those items I saw on the shelf that I think is quite 'forbidden' or 'out of your reach' to my previous personal standard. Something that I always give me that 'nanti apa orang akan kata..." or 'if I wear this, what would people think...what would people say..." - which has somehow proven to be a great hindrance in moving up on the style ladder! Yet, I really have to thank on my own guts to be able to take that first step.. purchase that first item which has put me somewhere on the style map.

    Wreck open my wardrobe, there are a couple of the first items which has somehow transform my taste on fashion forever. Whenever I look at it, I can't believe how it has helped me in a very BIG way... 

    1. The Chelsea boots by Zara

    This is the first ever boots I bought. I saw it prior during the winter sale in its normal price tag, but quite put off due to its cost (I was quite poor that time..student, biasa la!). But, come the winter sale in FallWinter 2008 it was at Zara Covent Garden I saw it again among the discounted shoes on the shelf with the perfect size of mine. I said to myself I just wanna try it coz who knows it might look good one me? 

    And so I did. Suddenly there's a biggest light-bulb moment happening in my life! My goodness... it's perfect! It was amazing. I can't believe how my jeans is anchored downward so greatly by wearing the boots. Now I understand why many people love wearing boots coz they're the best footwear to be slipped into!

    And then things not stopping there. It was then my boots fetish went on and on... and its resonates to my Gucci. Fendi, Dior, Armani, Kenneth Cole.. to say the least. I can't be even more thankful to this Zara coz it has changed my taste on shoes forever!

    2. The leather tote bag by Zara.

    One summer I went to Sainsbury's in Tottenham Court Road to get my late afternoon lunch. Upon queueing at the counter, I saw a guy across the aisle in his afro hair paying his groceries as well. It was not his hair that I'm interested to, but the bag he's carrying that bears the name 'DSquared2'. It is a tote bag with two handles that sit nicely on his shoulder and the other longer one which I think could be used to sling across the body. It looks awesome! And right that moment I suddenly got that *ting* lightbulb again... and said to myself, I'm gonna find one that look exactly like his!

    And time goes on. One day I went to Zara Highstreet Kensington to do my usual BigFatSnoop on a midweek Wednesday. Upon browsing around suddenly my eyes stuck to one bag on the higher shelf. OMG, a tote bag?? I said to myself. I can't believe what I'm seeing! It's leather... it's a moc croc, and the best part: it's a tote bag! This is surreal, coz what I wished for alas is right in front of my eyes. My first ever tote bag!

    And it was then my taste on bags changed from the backpack and sling bag, into the 'tote bag' only choices. From Burberry, Hugo Boss, SEED, etc..etc... I have more tote bags than other people do, I think! 

    3. The slimfit blue jeans by Uniqlo.

    Who would've thought that the moment I have the guts to try on the slimfit jeans at Uniqlo in Oxford Street East, is the one that changes my life forever in a tremendous way. If the Zara boots changes my choice of footwear in a large way, and the tote bag revolutionize my taste on how do I carry my stuff everyday - this Uniqlo slimfit jeans IS the one that metamorphose my style of clothing in a way that I can't ever imagine. 

    Slim. It's the huge buzzword I've been using in this blog... and it's all due to the moment I tried and bought this jeans by Uniqlo. Words can't imagine how grateful to be looking at the mirror and seeing someone really change amazingly with just one jeans. The way it hugs the legs, the way it slim out all the proportions, and of course, the way it made me look hot. Yeah, I have to say the word 'hot' coz that's what I say to myself as well when I look in the mirror in the fitting room. OMG I look hot!

    I can't believe the 'slim' aesthetics has somehow being carried on my shoulders ever since - from the tee to the shirts, the work trousers to the jacket... I love everything bearing the word 'slim'. I have to say, it is the biggest magic moment in my entire life when I slipped those jeans on me - and can't even be more grateful for having the guts to do so. 

    So, there you go. The first step is always the hardest... but can also be the sweetest. You'll never know how that by taking the first step, your life might change forever in a good way. All you need is to be open to changes, and always be optimist no matter what. If it works, it works. If it doesn't, well... at least you try, isn't it?

    At least to me - I LOVE CHANGE!