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The Pink & Fendi Tuesday

    I was about to update this early but am too busy after being caught up into finishing up my class and making up quiz, as well as having a meeting in the afternoon (see, meeting again). Things around me can be ups and downs - sometimes it'll be crazily busy, the other days could be very as calm as the still waters. But I like how my work days are really, since it's not monotonous like what some other people are having. Add that to being one of the person with 'authority' and have the 'power' to change, what more could I ask for?

    So, what did I chose for Tuesday? I'm back to my Fendi boots again after wearing it about 2 months ago (if I'm not mistaken). Okay, now I'm feeling a bit guilty of wearing too much patent leather again coz there's someone who commented that it does look a bit OTT. But, hey... you are talking 'me' here - everything about moi could be flamboyant sometimes. Nama pun BigFat, so things has to go the same way as well... BIG!

    For the top, I slipped into my pink stripes shirt paired with the crochet tie with horizontal pink stripes to give a sense of juxtaposition of vertical and horizontal cliché. Since my trousers is black, I think the tie kinda resonate the look and keeping the black-pink theme together. Early when I clocked in to work, I wore the waistcoat by COS to accentuate the slim silhouette, yet after feeling a bit cold while staying in the office I change to the slim blazer by Asos later on. At least it protected me from being much colder than the cold that I'm having. 

    Oh, btw... I'm feeling quite elated that finally my anxiety on my class really paid off after I discovered I got a very high evaluation given by the students. More than 90% gave me 7 out of 7 marks! What a total surprise. What's even surprising is all the comments they're giving which are so thoughtful... *terharu* (I probably gonna talk about that in my later posts, if I want to.. :D)