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Proenza Schouler Toiletry Bag

    Upon my arrival to my sis house after returning from the Big Bad Wolf booksale a couple of weeks ago, my bro in-law suddenly asked me a weird question. "Eh, kau punya bag make-up tu brand apa?" What?? What make-up bag? When did I have any make-up bag? Or, the better question is - how did he know I have a make-up bag. Feeling like kantoi la plak, because indeed I do have one. Yikes! But nope, it's not a make-up bag 'make-up bag', silly... but a toiletry bag instead. Or a small vanity case, if you may. Come on, I'm in the traveling mode, so it's not wrong to fill my toiletry stuff inside a small pouch, right? (more about that story later...)

    I didn't answer his question, but replied I don't have one instead. Upon sitting down on the couch for a breather, I pulled out my DLSR camera case from my Key Ng's denim tote bag and that's when he suddenly shouted, "Ha, yang tu. Tu bukan beg make-up ker? Brand apa tu?" "Bukanlah! Ni bag camera ... bukan bag make-up!" (ayat nak cover...huhu). "Ni brand Crumplers, beli masa kat UK dulu".

    He then looked at my sis and said, "Ha, brand ni la yg banyak kat Saigon tu. Bag untuk traveling pun banyak ada". Yes, indeed the Crumplers brand is so synonymous with the traveling bag, on top of the camera cases that they do. And my bro in-law; he always go to Saigon every now and then to take up supply of the kain sembahyang bunga timbul for my sis' business which happen to be very cheap over there. Sometimes they went together to get a lot of stuff too like the baju smocking and stuff... which I care less coz they're all for the ladies!

    Anyway. Talking about make-up bag, or ehem... toiletry case, I dare not answer his question though coz there's nothing special about mine. But I probably will if I get this Proenza Schouler toiletry case since they look quite amazing. The design is absolutely the spitting image of the brand's PS1 satchel with its signature flap and strap details. What I love about it is the combination of the clear PVC and leather upper and trims that looks so chic. To secure the toiletries inside without falling off the case, there's zipper closure and snap button to do just that. The size is quite reasonable for travelling - 8.5 x 3 x 6 inches - which is also good to handcarry when you pass thru the security at the airport as the clarity of the case wouldn't be a problem for them asking you to show them at the counter. Talking about brilliant + stylish, huh?

    Price? If you're willing to pay more than $300, then it's yours! *gulp* 

    [pix from proenza schouler]

    So, going back to my toiletry case story. I have to admit I do carry one all the time. Travelling out of the city, or even to the office or just during my usual weekend outing; I bring it with me always. It's all started back in winter 2008 when I started to have cracks on my fingers due to the dry weather in London. Since I always wash my hands during the ablution (ambik air semayang la..), the skin always become very dry right after. Worse, the cracks started to bleed and I'm always in pain. So I bought a tube of hand cream to keep it moisturized. Thankfully it works. 

    And then times goes by. Since I also love trying on shoes at the highstreet stores, at times I've accidently touch the pigskin leather innersole without realizing it. That cause a huge problem since I need to take the bus to go to Hyde Park, and find some soil to cleanse my hand. It's really far...coz that's the only place nearest Oxford Street I know where I can get soil for free! But when my friend brought me the taharah soap, I'm so delighted coz it's much easier. I bring it all the time by which I put it in a small plastic and tucked neatly inside my bag in case I accidently touch the pigskin leather again.

    So, yadda yadda yadda... since my face and skin become too dry after ambik air semayang in the dry London weather (regardless seasons), I also keep the body lotion and the face cream with me, alongside the lip gloss as I do have a severe chapped lip syndrome (ooh, syndrome ker?). And that's when I decided instead of those stuff lying everywhere in my bag, I should put 'em all inside one small pouch instead. Hence, the transparent PVC case from Muji become my victim (it's actually a pencil case!). And when it finally rosak and tear apart I am happy to find it's latest replacement - the black & white stripes pouch from S&J at Jusco. Cheap and chic.

    So, that's the story of my toiletry bag. One thing I learn; to keep looking young (young ker? wuhuhu!) I must always moisturize my skin coz by having the moisture lock inside, the hydration will continually supply oxygen to the skin, energize it and hence keep it youthful - without having to go for botox! If not, the skin will be so dry and wrinkly - by which people may mistaken you as a scrotum instead. Wahahaha!

    This is what I bring with me always:
    • the taharah soap in a small plastic.
    • the eye drops for the contacts (since I wear contact lenses).
    • L'oreal eye roll-on, to give that instant undereye bags and dark circles makeover.
    • L'oreal White Activ moisturizer, for the face.
    • the Vaseline Men body lotion in the medium tub by Muji .
    • the Vaseline Men hand cream in the small tub by Muji .
    • Jean Paul Gaultier Monsieur lip gloss (which my niece used to say.. eeee, pakai gincu!!!)
    All tucked neatly inside the stripes pouch by S&J. Murah saja... costs less than RM5 (but its contents inside cost more than RM100!!)

    Next time, aku beli Proenza Schouler yang tu la plak...!

    [p/s: balik M'sia jarang pakai all the lotions coz it's already humid here. Skin became naturally moisturized!]