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SEED Black 'n White Lace-up Brogues

    New shoes for a new month.

    Moral of the story from my previous visit to KL: always go to SEED @ Pavilion to find any new collection in store. Especially if you wanna find the pieces right from its latest catalogue. And man, did I just found a good 'treasure' recently? Yes, the lace-up brogues in black and white splendour. 

    Totally lured by its cool factor : the wingtip and brogue details, the slightly chunky welted rubber soles that's very wet-season friendly, and above all - it's black and white color combo which has been my absolute all-time favorite. Given that they offer 20% off that last-day of promotion, what not to take it home? 20% off... mana nak dapat, memang untunggg laaaa.... ahaks!

    The store also got some similar brogues in different colors like in the catalogue such as the taupe/white combo, black and brown. Yet, the black 'n white one that's successfully tempted me to be taken away. :)

    Mentioning black 'n white shoes, it's not my first pair I own those combo. Previously I've worn my perforated lace-ups by Giorgio Armani during an outing at South Kensington. [click]. And also, the very quirky loafers by Neil Barrett which I hardly wear coz it looks a bit like a dodo bird. Eeek! [click]

    my perforated lace-ups by Giorgio Armani