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Shoe of the Day, and Drenching Wet

    A quick update on my outfit of the day. It's the Gucci boots that I got from Harrods last Winter 2009 which is the most expensive shoes in my collection. Though I got it at price slashed to almost half than the original tag, still it's quite hefty costing almost £300. Yup, I know I'm crazy but that's the limit I put when it comes to buying shoes - I won't buy anything beyond £300. Period.

    It looks very simple, yet I know why the original price is actually amounted to almost £600 before the Sale. The simplicity lies on how you slide your foot in. Yeah it's a boots, but there's no zipper nor any elasticated band just like the Chelsea boots. This is merely a full-leather version by itself as the buttery soft leather 'neck' is mouldable which letting the foot to slide in without too much hassle. Somehow I think, I dunno how the Gucci artisan can come up with such a simple look like that coz to make one is truly not easy.

    To go with it is my linen suit by Asos paired with the +J slimfit shirt (from the latest FW2011 collection) + grey stripes slim tie from Red Herring @ Debenhams. This is actually my fav look these days which I happen to wear so frequent (coz I'm in love with that suit too much!)

    Oh, btw. The luck is not on my side this afternoon as suddenly there's heavy downpour at my area. Too heavy that I can barely see the road when I was driving back home for lunch. The bad news is, when I was about to board my car I forgot that I left my Burberry umbrella at home. So, what to do... other than to redah hujan just like that - and drenching wet!

    Hmmm. This is exactly what the proverb said - ku ingat panas sampai ke petang, rupanya hujan di tengah hari! (Translation: "I thought it'll be dry all the way to the evening, but it rains in the afternoon". more or less, ahaks!).

    Thankfully, today's the last day of my working week. Tomorrow, balik kampung daa...