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Shoe of the Day, Plus Going Blue

    Haish... the fire alarm has just been activated by the time I'm writing this. Anyway, just one quickie update before I run off fashionably towards the nearest assembly point, this is what I'm wearing today. The mood for lo-pro shoes is still going on, so as the mood for patent. So I decided to slip on my Gucci patent loafers with the modernized version of signature Gucci horsebit ornamenting the strap. This is the same one I used to wear when I went to my lab last year - the lab with the oil/water pipeline facilities - which I also happen to write a blogpost too (kalau rajin, korang cari lah yer... ehehehe).

    I was actually very lucky to get this mocs at more than half price in the Gucci store at Bond Street, London during the Summer sale. Lucky becoz it's the only one there - multiple lucky coz it's in my size! There actually has been quite tug-of-war between me and the salesguy who questioned me whether I want it or not... coz otherwise he'll snap it. Questioning me? Excuse moi? It's Gucci, mana bleh aku cakap NO. But hey, I'm the customer - and customer always comes first! :)

    Anyway, since the shoes is a patent leather (patent mean, the leather been treated or 'coated' with a layer of hi-gloss finish), to put it on is a bit of a challenge too esp when it's a loafer. Thank God I have the shoe horn by Ermenegildo Zegna which is given free to me by the salesguy at Harrods, during which I went to buy shoes there during the Sale too. The same salesguy who's been layan kerenah aku everytime I tried the shoes at the ground floor of the store. Thought he knew me, that's why I get the priviledge (plus an addition 10% off as usual!).

    Oh, the outfit for today is blue tops - blue slim Oxford shirt by Topman paired with the indigo linen slimfit blazer by River Island + blue stripes tie by Red Herring @ Debenhams. I normally wear blue on Monday to make that famous cliche, but this time it's the midweek instead.

    Owh, I thought it's gonna be a quickie one. But since the alarm has gone off tetiba plak, no chance for me to run off fashionably neh... haish. :P