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Slim Shady

    It was very early in the morning prior hitting the MEX highway at Sepang, I pulled out the dashboard compartment to took out my sunglasses since I have to drive to Putrajaya for some photoshoot session. And that's when Amin, my bro in-law who's sitting on the passenger's seat next to me said, "banyaknya spek!" after seeing quite a number of shades that I have in it. Probably 5 or 6, which I've lost count. I replied, "ha'ah, memang la... sebab lain2 spek lain dia nyer fungsi" (translation: different shades has different functions)

    And that's the truth: I do wear different sunglasses at different conditions since my eyes are quite sensitive to the glare coming from the traffic. Now that I'm involved with the air pollution engineering back in the campus, I came to understand that various course of the day has different brightness, which is why I'm wearing a different tinted glasses to suit certain conditions.

    For example, my black-tinted is for the very bright day - such as the very sunny afternoon, as it great in preventing the superhigh glare from hitting my sight. My bluish-tinted is for the medium brightness environment - like the cloudy day, when the use of black shade is too dark to see what's going on out there. And my reddish brown-tinted shade is when the day is almost dark - such as at dusk, as I still can see things clearly while at the same time protecting my eyes from the glare.

    At the moment, I'm loving the aviators coz it has that uber-masculine simplicity and classic feel, which is very Tom Cruise's Top Gun. With the slim handles, it adds more sex appeal to the sunglasses without adding the bulk. Coupled with a good UV-radiation filter, I just love wearing the shades when driving during the day as it looks stylish. No glare, but more glam!

    p/s: someone asked, why didin't I get the photosensitive lenses instead? Well, they're all look crap. Period. (yikes!)

    from top: reddish brown-tinted aviator - Asos;
    bluish-purple-tinted shade - Asos; black aviator shade - H&M