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Sony Cybershot Slims Down with TX55

    I can still recall during a course on branding a couple of years ago, the instructor mentioned about how Sony being able to project their brand on the miniaturization concept, as they are known to make things smaller and smaller than their products predecessors on the market. And I can't agree more as Sony is truly a master especially when it comes to slim down their Cybershot digicams. Latest in their offering is these arrays of Cybershot TX55 which tauted to be the world's thinnest digicam clocking to merely 12 mm on its thickness and barely a size of a credit card.*

    To be honest, I actually had a definite love-hate relationships with Sony's T series digicams as I also own two of their previous models prior this one: its debut Cybershot T1, which is released back in 2004 and the T700 that I can stamped clearly as 'the pain in the ass' due to it slow-response touchscreen control. I thought I would never ever gonna have a second glance to another Cybershot Ts again; but as Justin Bieber also did said never say never, suddenly the image of ultra-thinness that I saw in the Shortlist magazine managed to lure me in.

    So, TX55. I got a chance to test run this camera last week when I visited Sony store at Kinta City, Ipoh. You know, seeing the images of the camera alone make me drool on how pretty this gadget is, yet to be able to hold it on my bare hands make it even more tempting to snatch the camera right that moment. One word: LOVE IT! (Oh, that's two words, lol!). Screw my previous two Ts before, this one could be the 'third time's a charm' for me again.

    A couple of points that made me fell in love with TX55:
    • very lightweight. OMG, I just can't believe how light it is compared to my T1 and the always-heavy-on-the-palm T700. In fact I think it's lighter than my current Canon iXus 130, making me barely feel that I actually holding it!
    • the pebble-like front design which is very sleek and chic. Anything that looks so flushed in and no silly protruding whatsoever features can always count me in to love it. It's really a beauty coz by sliding down the cover, the lens appear as camera is also switched on - just like the previous T1 and T700 too. Though I do feel a bit quirky to slide the cover down coz thinking I might break it as it feels a bit flimsy, yet I manage to do it easily.
    • very intuitive and fast-response touchscreen control. Bingo! Alas, Sony did learn something from T700, huh? This one hit right on the mark when I don't have any trouble waiting long to get one menu to appear after another, unlike the slow macam siput T700! To add to that, just with a slight touch on the big LCD screen (which also act as the viewfinder), it managed to function very well. Kudos to that, Sony.
    • the 'Sweep Panorama' menu. Awesome! You know if you use DSLR you need to get the lens less than 18mm to really get a wide-angle view? Now with the new Sony digicams including this TX55 the Sweep Panorama can do just that. If you have a very wide space to cover at one go without having to 'stitch' different picture files thru any photo-editing software, with Sweep Panorama you simply 'snap and move' the camera to where you want it to cover the angle. Awesome!
    • the 'Miniature' feature, which is absent in the previous Cybershots. I love miniature shot coz it made the thing you capture become toy-like. You can see the example of 'miniature' in my Oxford Street snaps using my iXus 130 [click].
    • Goodbye big and stupid Memory Stick, hello SD Card. You know Sony really market their cameras to be solely using their Memory Stick cards, right? This one is a welcome cos you can use the typical SD cards just like other digicams. But one tradeoff though - it's micro-SD only - just like the one I used for my Giorgio Armani phone before, meaning I do need an adapter to be able to transfer the image files into the computer. Still, it's SD meaning for my Samsung N310 netbook, it can always take that card in!
    • I didn't try all other features coz the thinness and lightweight of the body alone made me fell in love with it. The size is so ultracompact making it very 'hi-fashion' compared to the other digicams. Suits for those who are very 'image-conscious' - not just about you, but about the gadget you're carrying and the image snap that you took too.
    Priced at RM 1400, I think it's a bit eeek! since the Canon iXus 130 that I think is also awesome enough for any point-and-shooter is only RM800, making Sony TX55 on the higher price band. Yet, with five choices of colors - black, silver, champagne gold, rose red and lilac - I think this one could be the choice for any fashionistas and fashionistos to own one. (aku pun nak jugak sebenarnya, tapi kena let go my Canon dulu la! yikes!)

    *p/s: Sony thinnest Cybershot is actually T7, which is always seen on the hand of Karl Lagerfeld!

    [pix from sony]

    My previous relationships with the Cybershots - the T1 and T700. I always love the skinny compact look of the cams. I still think the T1 perform best though it's just 5 MP - the highest resolution that time - as the composition of the photo is splendid. Unfortunately, it accidently get soaked with water that spill from a bottle in my bag and can't be recovered due to the damage on its circuit board.

    The T700 is one of the very shortlived model by Sony. Not even a year, it's being removed from the shelves which I dunno why. I bought it at Tottenham Court Road in London but truly disappointed with the performance. Though it's slim fantastic, the camera is so power-hungry, battery-draining. Not to mention it's quite weighty on the palm, as well as the less intuitive touch-screen panel. Slow macam siput wa cakap lu... siput sedut pun kira lagi cepat dr camera ni! Thankfully, I got to 'inherit' it to my niece coz she've lost her camera and need a new one for her Final Year Project. So, ambiklah camera ni...sbb mmg aku x suka pun! Yet, I do like it's cover btw - very ultrathin.