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Speechless Wednesday: Best B'day Card Ever!

    I thought I wanna do a 'Wordless Wednesday' entry with this one. But, when I think back it doesn't deserve to be made a 'wordless' - rather, it's a 'speechless' instead coz when you're speechless, of course you become wordless, isn't it? Ha!

    Anyway. rewind to two weeks ago during my b'day weekend. Alamak, b'day lagi!? Tak abis2 lagi ker? Actually, no coz this year my b'day celebration really went quite extravagance given that I'm really made my stand in this country now. I'm back for good, and that's why people around me celebrate it together with a bang. There'll be more to come, including last weekend when I had a bigfat b'day feast at home with my bigfat clan. More about that later.

    Ok. About my b'day weekend. When I woke up, I read the email sent by one of the members in my facebook fanpage. The night before I've been summoned by him that he has emailed me the 'birthday card', but I am too sleepy to wreck open my inbox and check it out. (I only 'Like' what he said that night, instead. Yikes!). So, the morning after I read the email... and clicked the attachment in my iPad to see what's in it. I'm quite anxious though, coz I thought it might be the typical birthday e-card that people used to do. Tick, tock, tick, tock... it took quite some time to load.

    Suddenly, BAMM!!! I am stunned! I am speechless. I am in pure amazement. I am beyond words. My only word that come out from my mouth, if there's any, is just OMG! Repeat that 20 times... and that's what I did. Stunned, and my eyes are fixated to this image of the snapshot.

    I just dunno what to say. This birthday card is specially sketched by one talented person - Fizo Anwar. It captured everything what this blog is all about; or to be exact, the essence of me. The essence of BigFat fashion at large. From the mannequin to the bags, and the styling and all - THAT'S ME!? That's the images of me! Isn't that fantastic? Fantastic might be quite an understatement, but yeah... it IS super magnificent! Phenomenal.

    He said the complete sketch is done in just a couple of hours. What amaze me really is that I never met Fizo. Yet, for someone who just know me through reading what I wrote in this blog, and really can capture the essence of my style in quite a detail... I'm just beyond words. Probably I can say one word: 

    The question is: can you spot which post does the mannequin from? From left:
    1. The blue blazer + brown pants - I dunno where it is from actually? Ehehehe... *feeling sheepish* But I think he did remember the blue blazer that I wear during my emcee convocation rehearsal last year [click]
    2. 'It's All About Me' white tee. Who can't forget that? [click]
    3. The batik Terengganu. That's new! OMG!? [click]
    4. (I can't recall where this one's from. Remind me, please...)
    5. My red churidar kurta in my Deepavali greeting post !!! [click]
    6. (Again, gua tak ingat la yang ni... Remind me, please. ngggg..)
    7. OMG, this one's the best coz Fizo can capture every detail of my horizontal stripes tie from Uniqlo, [click] and the cropped sleeve blazer [click]. And probably he can recalled my black 'n white theme too! [click]
    THANK YOU FIZO! You're awesome! *hands in the air, thumbs up!*

    This is the best b'day card + tribute + all in between...ever!