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Tea on Tuesday

    I'm actually wanna talk about this Earl Grey tea that my friend brought from her trip to Edinburgh recently, but somehow it reminds me of the story that I told my sister in the last Eid break at home. Story about the twins, coz the name just give a sense of deja vu to me as I used to pronounce the 'Twinings' brand of this tea as 'Twinnings'. 

    It was at Tesco at South Tottenham where I asked the salesgirl who're arranging the cans of peas on the shelf "excuse me, where can I find the Twinnings tea?". Surprise not, but she replied "oh, you mean Twining tea. It's on the aisle over there" - pointing towards the location, in the 'twai-ning' pronounciation; instead of 'twin-ning' like I did. Huhu.. how embarassing. Mana nak letak muka aku ni Awie? So, dengan machonya I just walked away and went to get my Twai-ning Earl Grey tea in the same box as what you can see in the pix. It's so aromatic and delish, and I think that's why the English categorized this as the 'English Afternoon' tea since the fragrant taste is so pleasurable and suit that time of the day. Compared to the typical 'breakfast' tea which is much punchier taste, Earl Grey or afternoon tea is much lighter - probably due to the citrus oil blend in the making of it. To me I love it as it has much flavor, giving much pleasant mood definitely.

    Do you know that Twinings has its long-history shop at Strand in London. I haven't got the opportunity to go there, though it's just a stone's throw away from my uni UCL back when I'm studying in the Blighty. It's kinda sad coz I always go visiting friends at King's College, or even to Somerset House for the London Fashion Week which is located just nearby on the same Strand road; but never here. It is one tiny neat little shop that somehow look squashed between the other buildings on its sides. Very nice white fa├žades that looks so classic... and care to know that the shop has actually been there for more than 300 years! Yup, you heard it right. More than three centuries as it's opened back in 1706, making it probably the first 'official' tea shop ever existed in the UK! And still standing strong.

    I think the UK Tourism should announced this as their National Treasure, don't you think? Oh, btw. Earl Grey tea is sooo refreshing in the afternoon. Try it, you might say the same thing too.

    [pix from... I can't remember, sorry!]

    Hmmm. Think I'm forgetting something... Oh, the story that I told my sister, Shimah about the twins. It goes like this:

    There was this twin toddler - let's name them twin Upin and twin Ipin (just like my fav cartoon characters!). They're still baby, so they're still on the breastfeeding 'mode' by their mum. Night and day.. always breastfeed and stuck to their mum's breasts (ooh, no dirty thoughts okay!), since it's their 'best' source of food . 

    Ironically, Upin always get the left-side of the breast while Ipin on the right-side; and never switched even a second. This has created a very tak puas hati to Upin, who thought that the breast on the right-side might be having much more milk compared to his side that he always get. 

    Tak boleh jadi nih. So, one day Upin got an evil plan. (See, kecik2 dah pandai nak jadi jahat.) He said to himself "malam ni aku nak letak racun kat *toot* sebelah kanan tu. Nanti bila Ipin hisap kat situ, esok pagi dia akan 'gol'...jadi aku la yang akan dapat dua-dua nanti!" (translation: tonite I wanna put poison on the right *toot*, so that when Ipin breastfeed on that one, he'll be 'gone' the next day...And, I can get both breasts then...!). 

    And so he did. He put poison on the right *toot*. You know what happen?

    Esok pagi, bapak dia mati (the next morning, their dad died)  **pengsan**

    (story is only a fiction. no kids nor adult harm in this story. ekekekeke...)