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Travel in White and Green

    It's traveling time today as I took time to drive about 5 hours journey back to my hometown for the Eid-ul Adha celebration. To be honest, I'm not feeling like going home because it's just a short celebration - by Tuesday I'm back to work. But, given that my brother and sis-in-law is here - unlike last year that they left for their Hajj - I think I have to go back though for a short time. Plus, I'm having a big birthday celebration as well with my other two boys and my niece, so I think my presence is absolutely important! (and there might be a barbeque too, just like last year)

    Anyway, one thing I hate doing when I got to travel is the packing. (DUH! what else??) However, this time I'm feeling quite at peace somehow coz I don't have any issues in thinking what I should bring with me for this short break. All my clothes are packed in just one weekender, while the other stuff like my IT thingy (netbook + iPad + eHDD) and the camera (and tripod + lenses) - they're all pack in other separate bags. Also, since balik kampung it's always a troublesome in getting a nice blanket for sleep (coz there's a lot of people in the house fighting for one!) - so I brought mine instead. Easy.

    The results - all four bags are ready for travel, all in one theme: Off White!

    clockwise from top right: Fashion's Night Out canvas-leather tote - Brahmin; weekender bag - Emporio Armani;
    leather tote - SEED; pleather tote with side zipper - SEED

    Another important thing prior travel is checking the fuel is in full-tank. I am delighted to say that I've returned to use Petronas fuel again after finding out their Primax 95 Extra is much better than the Shell Fuel Save 95. What a surprise, surprise... (at least now I'm doing my part supporting the local brand, huh?)

    Btw, upon getting some waffles and mineral water at the Mesra store, the cashier reminded me that I won't be getting any plastic bags today coz it's Saturday. Thank God I spotted the lovely bag-for-life in green color which says : Going Green Starts Here. I said to myself, this is pretty cool... coz somehow if I posted its image in this blog, it could also read the same.

    Going Green Starts Here - as in 'going green with envy starts in this blog'; coz I know by looking at my bags and shoes collection in here, some of you already turn a Shrek! Ahahaha!

    Anyway, Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha.