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Versace x H&M Opens Tomorrow

    I'm supposed to be boarding my flight today to Singapore, but at last minute I decided not to. Actually, it's not really a last minute decision as I made it quite long time ago, even prior my birthday weekend in fact. I have a second thought about going to the Lion City; to line up queueing together with the manic fellow shoppers at the H&M store in Orchard Road. I know I'll be missing the chance of a lifetime coz tomorrow the Versace for H&M collection is gonna make its debut worldwide. There would be a massive snake-like queue along the road, as what the other H&M-designer collaboration normally is seen. 

    But, yeah... I decided not to join the 'bandwagon'. After weighing all pro and cons, and having a retrospect on my previous H&M-designer collabo projects that I've been to, one question come to my mind: how frequent do I really wear the pieces that I bought during that event? Except for the Jimmy Choo collection which mainly the accessories like the leather shoes and bags, the other...meh.. I'm still finding the 'good' time to really wear them. 

    Commes de Garçons x H&M: I bought the shirts in black and white, yet I'm still finding it very hard to fulfill my 'slim' or 'skinny' ensemble in the current situation. The other one that I bought - the wool cardigan - that's super awesome, had to be given to my niece instead coz it accidentally went into 'honey, I shrunk the clothes' moment as I put it into the high-temperature dryer while doing my laundry back in Stamford Hill - it turned to shrink a third of the size! [click]

    Matthew Williamson x H&M - I bought the white shirts with MW's signature manic print. Yet, I think it's not too appropriate to wear it to the office due to its psychedelic hem. The other stripes linen-mix jumper that looks like it's from Paul Smith - that has become quite oversized and I hate it now. The only thing i bought in the collection which I wear quite frequently (apparently) are the speedos, which I don't wanna discuss when I do wore them anyway! (ahaks!) [click]

    Sonia Rykiel x H&M - I bought them but I gave it to my sis since the collection is all about the womenswear. [click]

    Roberto Cavalli x H&M - I can't afford it that time though I'm dying to get the mid-calves boots. Victor & Rolf's collection? I'm a season late as I arrives in London just after its debut. Lanvin? Thank God I don't coz I hate every menswear pieces in the collection. So, in the end the one that I use on daily basis is really my Jimmy Choo - which I think is the best so far! [click]

    So, to answer the question: am I going to queue in front of H&M for the Versace collection in Singapore? Nope. Not only because I can't see the frequent use of the pieces on a daily basis nor it's longevity in my wardrobe, but there would probably be thousands of people vying to get in into that ONE H&M store. Imagine people in Singapore + Malaysia + Brunei + Indonesia + Philippines - all might be swarming in into THAT one store. It's gonna be manic. Unlike in London or Japan, at least there're plenty of H&Ms across the city! :) 

    Yet, there are two pieces in it that I think might be worth having your hands on i.e. the tux blazer and the leather asymmetric biker jacket, which I think are quite seasonless. Other than that...maybe nah!

    And that's why I cancelled the hotel in Singapore... and choose Hotel Maya instead. much worth it! Anyway, for those who's gonna be there... enjoy! (please get me those jackets in size 38!!)

    [pix from various sources]