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The 'Rebel With a Cause' Wednesday

    The mood for today is rebel, as I opted to go for black to be the base of my main look. Or probably not really a total black... more to blackish instead since the suit I'm wearing is not really in black, rather it's the dark urban grey. But yeah, maybe 'rebel' is much better term I like to use - a symbolic as I regain my strength post-flu breakout that I had a day earlier, I feel like I'm in the mood to 'conquer' the world again; just like any rebel would. Whatever it is I'm feeling better as the dosage of the flu medicine prescribed to me was really a deadly one - one pill knock me off to sleep and whisk my cold away right that moment! (now I had a less leaky tap nose!)

    Anyway. What would a rebel pick to go along with the style? It's the 'deadly', slightly pointy derby lace-ups shoes in black leather with the crocodile details by Zara, coupled with the slimming silhoutte double-breasted linen suit by Asos.  Together, is the crochet tie worn with my new slimfit shirt - all by Uniqlo - in the black streamlining theme. Somehow, the black-dark grey combo made me looked like a Mafia mob who ready to do 'kill' someone. But who am I 'killing'?

    Those people in the meeting room, 'killed' with my sharp-wit tongue and great style. Somehow, I'm kinda wondering that why they really love my presence today? Oh, becoz I'm the life at the party... I mean, meeting. Ha!